World Youth Day

Sound The Alarm, Spread the Good News!!!  September 29, 2013 is WORLD YOUTH DAY all across the World!!! For The Youth of the Church Of God In Christ!!! The purpose is for every local church to be on one accord-having youth church all across the nation!! Youth-in- Action, Youth on Display, Youth Sharing the Good…

President Stephen’s Inaugural

The International Youth Department is pleased to announce the “Elevation Celebration” our Leader,

Dr. Benjamin Stephens, III

to the ascension of International Youth Department President. This auspicious occasion will be held on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 6:00 o’clock in the evening in the lovely city of Grand View, Missouri.



AIM IYD Highlights

SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT COMMISSION The Spiritual Empowerment Commission was in full effect during AIM 2013! The SEC helped to pave the road to Baltimore by hosting a time of prayer and consecration the entire month of June.  Spearheaded by the Intercessory Prayer group, the SEC held weekly prayer conference calls with participants spanning across the country. Prayer…