College Campus Ministry Commission

iyd-college-campus-ministryName of Coordinator: Elder Edward Clark
Title of Event: Help!!! I’m A College Student!
Date of Event: July 3, 2013 and July 4, 2013
Time of Event: Morning Sessions
Sponsoring Department: College Campus Ministry Commission
Contact Email: [email protected]

Purpose of Event/Description:  This event is targeted towards college students.  This workshop will include a question and answer session. The purpose of this workshop is to help empower college students to overcome obstacles and to live a victorious life by applying biblical principles to their life while attending college.

One Response to College Campus Ministry Commission

  • Jazzmin Holly says:

    Finally! Ever since I turned 18 I've been trying to find some workshops for people my age, all there was were either adult or children worshops. Thanks!!

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