Affectionately known as the “IYC”, The International Youth Choir, a part of the International Music Department, is one of the greatest musical aggregations of young people from across the world. The goal of the International Youth Choir is to help young people expand and grow, both musically and spiritually. The IYC seeks to give opportunity for talented and musically gifted young people to display their varying giftings in rehearsals and worship services. . The rendering of their gifts lifts the hearts of tens of thousands of congregants and creates an atmosphere conducive for worship. Our desire is to see young talent in ministry and excellence, transferring their learning and impartation from the IYC to their local churches and music departments, lifting up the name of Jesus. With that in mind, we seek to give opportunity to and expose songwriters and invite writers to submit songs for this IYC project that will glorify God and minister to God’s people.

We welcome songwriters to submit their compositions for ministry at the 2018 AIM Convention. All submissions must comply with the following Guidelines:

A:  Song / Writer / Applicant Requirements:

  • Lyrics must be theologically and biblically sound, and communicate the truths of God, not repetitious (words or phrases that repeat with no variation)
  • Song should inspire spontaneous, spiritual expressions of hope and joy
  • Song must be centered on and focused toward God’s approval, not man’s entertainment
  • Song must strive to meet the needs of a diverse body of worshippers
  • Song harmony and/or unison parts must be clear and concise
  • Song must be copyrighted (scan of copyright certificate must accompany this application)
  • IMD Writer / Applicant must complete the IMD Song Offering Application

B:  Submissions must:

  • Be uploaded on the website
  • Include a downloadable music file which contains instrumentation, leads and vocal parts
  • Include a lyric sheet
  • Include a completed Song Offering Application form
  • Include scanned copy of copyright certificate
  • Include a NON REFUNDABLE FEE of $75.00  *Songwriter may  submit one additional original song accompanied with a $25 fee (must be same composer)

Comply to Entry Deadline:  on or before Friday, May 11, 2018

For further questions, please contact: [email protected]


You can download the Song Submission Application Here. Once you have completed the form, and prepared all of the additional materials stated above you can email your information or upload your files here using the "We Transfer" button below.

When you are ready to submit your application and files please remember to title each file clearly with your name or initials so all files will be received together.  If you have challenges sending your larger files via email, we suggest you use the “We Transfer” button below to submit your files.