The C.H. Mason Memorial Choir

Choir – “A chorus that sings as part of a religious ceremony; company of people who are trained to sing together; a family of similar musical instruments playing together.” The dictionary gives us the definition of the natural attributes of a choir, but we must look to the word of God for the spiritual definition of what God had in mind for the aggregation named “Choir”
The definition as it stands in the natural allows us to see that anyone can sing gospel music, when it is viewed as a mere art form; anyone can perform well, when gospel music is treated as a formula or an equation. However, the ministry of destroying yokes, changing lives and outlooks can only be filled through the anointing and the power of the Holy Ghost.
The C.H. Mason Memorial Choir is also called the International Mass Choir. This ensemble of singers amass from all over the country, even the world. The Choir minsters at all national conventions under the direction of our International Minister of Music and President Dr. Judith Christie McAllister.
Our goal is to create an atmosphere for the Spirit of God to have free course. We understand however, that as the choir ministers, it literally takes territory in the spirit, engaging in spiritual warfare. (Psalms 149, Ephesians 6:12)
If the C.H. Mason Memorial Choir is of interest to you and you would like to receive more information regarding this anointed aggregation; you can contact contact our International Music Department by Clicking Here.