Dr. Judith Christie McAllister

President & Minister of Music of the International Music Department for the Church of God in Christ

Judith Christie-McAllister is without question one of the most influential music ministry leaders of our time. Born in Harlem NY, this Grammy-nominated choir director, songwriter, producer, author, and Oral Roberts University scholar, is most noted as being a forerunner of the Praise & Worship Movement in the late 70’s. With a career span of over 30 years, Dr. J’s fingerprints can be found on the hearts and lives of millions across the globe.

Dr. J’s music-alone has broken social and racial barriers in the church as her signature songs like, ‘High Praise’ and the ever popular, ‘Hallelujah You’re Worthy’ can be heard around the world in multi-racial, Sunday morning worship services. Her theory is, “Worship is the answer to racism.”

A portion of Judith’s incredible catalog of music includes 4 albums: Sound The Trumpet (Judah Music, 2011); Raise The Praise (Judah Music, 2007); In His Presence (Judah Music, 2002); and Send Judah First (Judah Music, 2000). Judith’s recording collaborations include: Bishop T.D. Jakes (Woman Thou Art Loosed-Run to the Water…The River Within), Tye Tribbett-Stand Out, J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise-Exalted, and most notably, West Angeles COGIC Mass-No Limit, just to name a few.

Dr. McAllister served for 17 years as the worship leader for West Angeles Church of God in Christ and 13 years as the church’s Executive Director of the Music & Worship Arts Department. (Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. is the pastor of the 25,000 plus member church.) It was at West Angeles church where she initiated and co-produced West Angeles COGIC Mass Choir’s project, No Limit, in which she earned a Grammy nomination.

In 2009, McAllister was elevated to the office of Departmental President and Minister of Music for the 6.5 million-member, Church of God in Christ denomination. The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States; with more than 12,000 congregations. In this assignment, she oversees the music ministry for major conferences and works with music leaders within various jurisdictions in the U.S. and around the world.

As Minister of Music and leader of the legendary COGIC International Mass Choir, Judith has produced 4 music projects: The St. Louis Experience; The St. Louis Experience LIVE DVD; This is the Church of God in Christ (Single); and the recently released, We Must Never Forget (Full Album), a tribute to COGIC’s heritage and founder, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. Judith also wrote a book entitled, Harmony, a music ministry guide to aide music and worship leaders in personal and professional development.

Judith, a loving wife and mother of 3, is the CEO of 3 entities: Judah Music Group LLC, Inheritance of Judah Ministries, and Never Ending Worship (N.E.W.) Enterprises LLC. Her mission is to unite and advance the Kingdom of God through the vehicles of education and music.