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apsflyerDr. Judith Christie McAllister, International Minister of Music/President and Chancellor of the International Music Department University (IMDU) of the Church Of God In Christ, is pleased to present the academic catalog for the IMDU Applied Studies Institute during the 2016 AIM Convention, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Each class offering, designed to enhance those persons working in the areas of music and worship arts, has been conveniently prepared in this online brochure, available for Download Here


oflyerDr. Judith Christie McAllister, International Minister of Music and President of the International Music Department, Church Of God In Christ is pleased to announce the rehearsal schedule and worship opportunities for the AIM Convention Orchestra, during the 2016 International AIM Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Under the masterful direction of Elder Ezra Howard – Executive Director and Elder Terrance Curry – Assistant Director — this celebrated international ensemble welcomes all string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists in the church. All participants — please remember to bring your own instruments. 



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