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CONGRATULATIONS…You are a Minister of Music, Choir Director or a Choir Member. Now what? You have a deep passion for music and you want to express it in your church and beyond. What are some of the things that you need to know? How do you use your talents to bring others to Christ? How do you coordinate your talents with the needs of your church?

Written and edited by the Church Of God Christ International Music Department President and forerunner of the Praise and Worship movement in the African American Church, Dr. Judith McAllister and her staff will teach you how to bring out the best in your music talents to lead disciples to Christ. Based on biblical scriptures and theological backing, this book takes you on a lesson-based training which will uncover the importance of music in the Bible and modern Christianity. This will unlock the true potential of your music talents for God’s Glory.

Whether you’re into music ministry or just a lover of Gospel music, Harmony will help define or refine your ministry behind the music.

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CHM Heritage Symposium

September 8 – 10

Memphis, TN


Bishop's Conference

September 15 – 17

Rochester, NY


Holy Convocation

November 3 – 12

St. Louis, Missouri






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