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Problems with Neighbors
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I am a Widow & Senior Citizen and I am mostly alone at my home. I can't go outside to water my yard in peace without being bothered by a male neighbor two doors from me, he tries to turn everyone in the neighbor against me & have caused me lots of stress, he thinks he can harass me enough to get me to say something to him so that he can try and sue me to get money. I tried to talk to his wife, but it did no good. He and the neighbor directly next door to me tries to keep me out of my yards (I have heard them talking and I know they are in this together), he tries to keep me out of the front yard and she tries to keep me out of my back yard, she have told me twice to "get in the House" and if I try to water my back yard, she burns lots of incense or some other toxic material that gets all over my back yard very strong and I can't go in my back yard because I don't want to inhale what she is burning because it is bad for my health. She is in Real Estate and think that she can get her hands on my house, I heard her tell someone at her house that she is going to take my house away from me. I pray everyday that she will move. I have been living here for 37 years and she have been in the neighborhood for 5 years and she have tried to drive me out of my home. I had no problems with anyone in this neighborhood for 25 years until my husband died and I was alone with not much family, now they think that I am an easy prey for them and they will not leave me alone. I am 68 years old and I want to live in peace, I am also a Christian was raised in COGIC and still a member. Please pray for me that the neighbor next door will move and the one two doors down will leave me alone, I have no one to turn to.

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