C.H. Mason Upper Room Prayer Chamber

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Prayer For My Fmly.
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:That my husband & children be saved, & one of my son\'s need to be saved & delivered from alcohol & crack cocaine. Thank you, & may God bless each & every prayer warrior. & request that has been been placed before the Lord. I.m asking prayer for myself, that I stay strong in the Lord. I\'m santified, saved, & Holy Ghost filled. Praise God!

The C.H. Mason Upper Room Prayer Chamber allows saints to list their prayer petitions online so prayer warriors around the globe can pray for them.

While there is often the temptation to only pray when there is an emergency or when in dire need, the Prayer Chamber is an incredible tool that encourages people to continually pray and to share their prayer needs, as well as to pray at designated times.

The world map below shows the locations of our prayer volunteers all around the world. Click Here to submit your prayer request so these prayer warriors can pray on your behalf.


Map of Prayer Warriors Around the World