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Help me to be the man God expects me to be!!!
Submitted By:Luther Glanton, III
Prayer Request:My mom who is 93 years young has some mild dementia....I want to be able to do all that she wants and is expecting to have in order to be comfortable and stay in her home. So far God has gone above and beyond. I however have dropped the ball...I get frustrated with her; I sometimes loose my temper....I know I can do better and be better for her and for me; and to honor God. Please pray for her too; as this has to be terribly frieghteing for her, to loose a name of someone you know; or forget a simple word in using a sentence. I want the best for her and to be the best for her, as God has given me this chance to give back to the lady, the woman that God so graciuosly loaned to me. Pray for peace of mind for us both and that we can keep conflict to a minimum...and when we do disagree; it be okay for me to back down and go with her flow not mine. Thank you prayer warriors wherver you are. Mom's name is Willie; I am her son Luther my son is Angus; and my daughter is Angela....I love U 4 all U do!!!

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While there is often the temptation to only pray when there is an emergency or when in dire need, the Prayer Chamber is an incredible tool that encourages people to continually pray and to share their prayer needs, as well as to pray at designated times.

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