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Beyound the limits of Life
Submitted By:brother John Fuse
Prayer Request:waiting for my father to die we found my brother in his room dead. 2 months later my dad died. 6months later after a very difficult time trying to bury them found my mother on the floor with a stroke. She didn't know she had a stroke and was still stroking right before my eyes. I stated "mom you and sat here and had a stroke". She could not talk or walk. Bishop Howard Thomas came over and had everybody praising GOD before my dad died. He walked in and the black and white people, professional nursing, chaplin from the hospital, friends and neighbors, all began to worship GOD. People began to cry out to GOD my dad that was dropping into a comma began to praise GOD and even clap his hands. This same man of GOD laid hands on my mother and today you cant tell she had a stroke GOD healed greatly. Thank GOD for Bishop Howard Thomas of Benton Harbor Michigan we love him and his wife. All of this has brought me back home to church. Asking for god to fully fully use me consistently. Lord my parents have lived save all my life. Lord use me and fill me like never before. Take that hurt and pain out.

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