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Deliverance for my brother (please read)
Submitted By:Tina Durden
Prayer Request:I am requesting prayer for my brother to be delivered from depression. He was a funny, talkative, and independent person. However, he's been mistreated,misunderstood and belittled, by others his entire life. He's been called names and labels have placed on him. He's been, mentally, emotionally,verbally and physically abused in the worst ways. This has spanned over his entire life. He just turned 28 years old I know he has dreams and aspirations. He goes to church but it's like the devil won't let him sit comfortable in church. About 3 or 4 years ago. The church had a revival (i did not attend) and after the revival he started having episodes (only at church)in which he will yell and scream and jump up during the entire service. Sometimes the church would pray and sometimes they didn't. Eventually my brother learned the suppress it and just sits in church trembling. He doesn't talk to anyone anymore. His nerves are so bad to the point that he shakes, and is fidgety. If someone walks in his direction he'll turn around and walk the other direction or moves abruptly as if someone is going to hit him even if its a family member. He sits on the couch 24/7. Trust me this is no way for anybody live and this is not the brother I grew up with. He's smart, funny, and gifted.I need for him to be happy and confident. I've been on suicide watch ever since I was 14 years old and I will be 26 in December I cannot accept depression in my brother's life. It has taken a toll on me as well I feel as if no one else understands him or even know him as an individual. He won't talk so it's hard to figure out what he is thinking or feeling. Sometimes I feel no cares anymore and has accepted him in this state. So I end up feeling like I can't move on in life because I don't want to leave him behind. I want my brother restored to his normal self and to be saved and that the demons that plague him are cast out of him. I need prayer for my self as well because the situation affects me as well. I can't be content when I know someone I love in misery. I know I said a lot but I don't have anybody to talk to about this. I felt that with this situation I needed be as specific as possible. My brothers name is Ernest. Thank you for the prayers. God Bless you!!

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