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Deliverance, Healing For My Daughter
Submitted By:Barbara Sample
Prayer Request:Dear Saints,
My daughter is a 22 yr old college senior on her way to Law School, who was raised in a Holy, Word Filled, Prayerful home. Both of her grandfathers are COGIC Pastors/ Bishops...
The enemy came in about 31/2 years ago and wreaked havoc in our home. It devastated my daughter and while she was inwardly hurting, a family of people who has no reverence for God, drew her in. She has been trapped there, not even realizing that she doesn't belong there. She is inwaradly crying out for deliverance, but she doesn't know how to walk away, and she is bound by the spirit of fear. Please pray that God begins to heal her heart, her mindset, and her thought process, and give her the strength, and confidence to turn to him. We all love her and my heart bleeds to see such a brilliant, beautiful young lady in a place of destitution. Total Deliverance, Salvation, being filled with the Holy Ghost and walking in Victory is my prayer request. I won't give up on her. I believe God

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