C.H. Mason Upper Room Prayer Chamber

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Bless Our Home
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Requesting that the saints would pray for my wife and me. We want the will and plan of God to prevail and be done in every area of our lives. That the Lord would heal both of our bodies and make us fruitful (conceive), bless our union, give financial increase, bring us out of debt and help us to be the married couple that he wants us to be. We want God to anoint us on our jobs in what to say and do while working with the children, adults, co works and supervisors that we work with. That he would give us wisdom, knowledge and understanding in what to impart into them. We want him to help us fulfill his purpose and plan for putting us there. We want him to help us know our place and our job in advancing his Kingdom. We want the Lord bless, help, anoint, direct and give increase to our Pastor and our local church family at Joyful Fellowship COGIC. We want God to save, heal, deliver, bless, and set free in our families, communities, and our African American young generation. We believe that God is able and that he will do what we have asked of him. BELIEVE GOD WITH US!!

The C.H. Mason Upper Room Prayer Chamber allows saints to list their prayer petitions online so prayer warriors around the globe can pray for them.

While there is often the temptation to only pray when there is an emergency or when in dire need, the Prayer Chamber is an incredible tool that encourages people to continually pray and to share their prayer needs, as well as to pray at designated times.

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