C.H. Mason Upper Room Prayer Chamber

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Click "View Details" to pray for the requests below, be sure to click on the "I prayed for you" button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request Title# PrayersDate 
Mother/daughter bond1011-10-2013View Details
My teenage daughter611-09-2013View Details
Problems with Neighbors911-09-2013View Details
Lord Help Me Get It All Back1211-09-2013View Details
Family811-09-2013View Details
Family 711-09-2013View Details
FINANCES1011-09-2013View Details
Transformational Miracle611-09-2013View Details
Healing for Brother Inlaw511-09-2013View Details
deliverance811-09-2013View Details
I need more of Jesus411-09-2013View Details
family concerns711-09-2013View Details
pray for my wife that she return to God and me.1611-08-2013View Details
Prayer for family! Drugs and Cancer! 511-08-2013View Details
Healing and restoration411-08-2013View Details
employment811-08-2013View Details
employment311-08-2013View Details
Breakthrough411-08-2013View Details
Finances, Business, Ministry411-08-2013View Details
Needing Gods Help!411-08-2013View Details
me and famliy311-08-2013View Details
Teaching Position 411-08-2013View Details
Salvation, Healing And Manifestations of Prayer Requests.411-07-2013View Details
Teaching Position for my Daughter311-07-2013View Details
Fresh Fire of God, be released during this 2013 Convocaton411-07-2013View Details
A right now Prayer!!!!611-07-2013View Details
A new beginning411-07-2013View Details
Total Healing511-07-2013View Details
Business/Family411-07-2013View Details
MyGreat Aunt and Uncle411-06-2013View Details
My Father511-06-2013View Details
My Mother211-06-2013View Details
family/another filling311-06-2013View Details
Family311-06-2013View Details
Passing LSAT311-06-2013View Details
Urgent Prayer411-06-2013View Details
Special Prayer311-06-2013View Details
A Right Now Prayer!311-06-2013View Details
Pray for our Mom's healing311-06-2013View Details
Prayer For My Fmly.211-06-2013View Details
FIRE1611-05-2013View Details
Healing & Wisdom611-05-2013View Details
God of Impossibilities!!!911-05-2013View Details
Prayer for family friend611-05-2013View Details
Young adults711-05-2013View Details
My finances,and healing for my God Daughter611-05-2013View Details
for my niece and nephews' in Indianapolis, In.511-05-2013View Details
Urgent prayer to heal cancer811-05-2013View Details
teen housing611-05-2013View Details
Job711-05-2013View Details
WARFARE811-04-2013View Details
Need employment 611-04-2013View Details
A Right Now Blessing!711-04-2013View Details
Increase811-04-2013View Details
Complete Healing!!!711-04-2013View Details
salvation and healing611-04-2013View Details
Prayer for my family,relatives savation611-04-2013View Details
I need a healing!511-04-2013View Details
Physical Healing511-04-2013View Details
Favor with God and Man511-04-2013View Details
healing611-04-2013View Details
praying for my family and myself511-03-2013View Details
healingo 511-03-2013View Details
Healing611-02-2013View Details
For me611-02-2013View Details
Healing and Salvation of Family Members411-02-2013View Details
Man In ICU Needs Urgent Prayer611-01-2013View Details
Salvation511-01-2013View Details
Praying for a home - one son has 4children, and the other son ne510-31-2013View Details
Salvation, Health, Life Circumstances& Ministry310-31-2013View Details
Family Friend in Terrible Car Accident510-31-2013View Details
Pray for Rebecca Beamer-Hicks610-31-2013View Details
NEED DELIVERENCE 1510-31-2013View Details
Job410-31-2013View Details
Save my 14 year old grandaughter510-31-2013View Details
Job510-30-2013View Details
Terminal illness report1110-30-2013View Details
General prayer610-30-2013View Details
Strength & Financial Stability510-29-2013View Details
children saved410-29-2013View Details
prayer request410-29-2013View Details
Healing and deliverance410-29-2013View Details
financial release410-29-2013View Details
Seeking Job410-29-2013View Details
Prayer For Stanley510-28-2013View Details
Academic/Financial Favor710-28-2013View Details
Wisdom and Understanding310-27-2013View Details
Please fill me Lord510-27-2013View Details
My family 310-27-2013View Details
healingr310-26-2013View Details
my mother physical and mental health and my family410-26-2013View Details
Children/ Finance410-26-2013View Details
deliverance310-25-2013View Details
marriage410-25-2013View Details
Kidney1610-25-2013View Details
Healing spiritual and physical 610-25-2013View Details
life health and strength.410-25-2013View Details
VERY URGENT1410-25-2013View Details
heal and deliver410-24-2013View Details
Health & Sickness610-24-2013View Details
Re: Change or promotion410-24-2013View Details
Healing410-23-2013View Details
Healing for a daughter310-23-2013View Details
Revival restore healing, deliverance,finances410-22-2013View Details
save my husband610-21-2013View Details
FCAT/SAT/ACT & other tests810-21-2013View Details
Margie's Family410-21-2013View Details
FERTILITY610-21-2013View Details
Healing and strength310-21-2013View Details
Anointing410-21-2013View Details
Request for prayer410-21-2013View Details
Bless my brother in his time of need510-21-2013View Details
Healing,directions from God & salvation for our family310-21-2013View Details
Tuition/Debt510-21-2013View Details
New Business410-21-2013View Details
change310-20-2013View Details
myself310-20-2013View Details
Deliverance!!310-20-2013View Details
Delievernce and salvation610-20-2013View Details
Prayer for the health of my family and household. 310-20-2013View Details
Life310-20-2013View Details
God'swill410-20-2013View Details
family and self church410-20-2013View Details
Clarity and direction310-20-2013View Details
Pray for salvation and healing310-20-2013View Details
close to GOD, and HIS mercy and blessings210-19-2013View Details
healing310-19-2013View Details
JOB210-19-2013View Details
A Job210-19-2013View Details
finances and health210-19-2013View Details
Healing & deliverance210-19-2013View Details
my child father left me pregant and pennyless510-19-2013View Details
Pray for my family to be restored410-19-2013View Details
Family healing310-19-2013View Details
church building and fiance310-19-2013View Details
Blessed310-18-2013View Details
DESTROY YOKES! PART II510-18-2013View Details
DESTROY EVERY YOKE!410-18-2013View Details
Health and Well-Being310-18-2013View Details
Success for the convocation210-18-2013View Details
pray for mental stability.910-18-2013View Details
Favor 310-18-2013View Details
Financial blessing for the Youth Musicians For Christ 210-18-2013View Details
Prayer Requests410-17-2013View Details
healing310-17-2013View Details
GOd ,increase, overflow, bless,debt cancel,310-17-2013View Details
anointing310-17-2013View Details
My Co-Worker410-17-2013View Details
Prodigal Daughter's410-17-2013View Details
Help me to be the man God expects me to be!!!810-17-2013View Details
Family210-17-2013View Details
Financial blessing 210-17-2013View Details
doubt310-17-2013View Details
Healing and a Healthy Marriage210-17-2013View Details
Strength210-16-2013View Details
finance210-16-2013View Details
Fair Treatment on the job410-16-2013View Details
New Church Building310-16-2013View Details
Help310-16-2013View Details
Prayer of direction310-16-2013View Details
Heart310-16-2013View Details
Family and Church410-16-2013View Details
2013, THE YEAR OF UNIVERSAL PRAYER210-16-2013View Details
Need a Place to Live510-16-2013View Details
prayer request for healing310-16-2013View Details
I would like Prayer for my Memoir In the Persuit of Sainty. That310-16-2013View Details
HEALING / FAMILY210-16-2013View Details
Family210-16-2013View Details
Job210-16-2013View Details
family210-16-2013View Details
Prayer for the Nations & Leaders310-16-2013View Details
Financial Blessing310-16-2013View Details
Prayer for me and my families 210-16-2013View Details
Intercessory Prayer for Others and Myself210-16-2013View Details
Prayer for healing210-16-2013View Details
Healing210-16-2013View Details
DELIVERANCE 610-16-2013View Details
pray for me and the williams family310-16-2013View Details
Family Blessing and Financial210-16-2013View Details
Financial Breakthrough210-16-2013View Details
more of jesus410-16-2013View Details
several prayer request 210-16-2013View Details
Healing Prayers210-16-2013View Details
My family and my health210-16-2013View Details
my kids with server depression and one with disobendience and la410-16-2013View Details
Deliverance and repentance210-16-2013View Details
Pray for my Niece210-16-2013View Details
Praying for the church family and my family 210-16-2013View Details
Miracle410-16-2013View Details
Finances210-16-2013View Details
Pray for my baby daughter510-15-2013View Details
Saving my Loved Ones210-15-2013View Details
Healing210-15-2013View Details
Salvation210-15-2013View Details
Prayers of Faith210-15-2013View Details
Favor, Blessings and Increase310-15-2013View Details
Financial Blessing/Debt Cancellation310-15-2013View Details
Sick husband/pastor510-15-2013View Details
Immigration matters and depression210-15-2013View Details
Suicidal Thoughts 1110-14-2013View Details
Confirmation of God's Promise..Healing.Comfort in sorrow310-14-2013View Details
Mother210-14-2013View Details
Healing210-14-2013View Details
My wife310-14-2013View Details
For me310-14-2013View Details
School310-14-2013View Details
Healing for me & Salvation for love ones210-14-2013View Details
Family Unity210-14-2013View Details
Marriage410-14-2013View Details
family210-14-2013View Details
Family210-14-2013View Details
Bless My Father210-14-2013View Details
Encouragement210-14-2013View Details
Legal issues of an innocent man1110-14-2013View Details
Re: Divine intervention210-14-2013View Details
Job310-13-2013View Details
Need pray be healed from cancer210-13-2013View Details
Salvation for Family Members210-13-2013View Details
Healing210-13-2013View Details
Family Prayer!210-13-2013View Details
To Come Home310-13-2013View Details
More Strength310-13-2013View Details
Family & Church Family210-12-2013View Details
Beyound the limits of Life210-12-2013View Details
leadership210-12-2013View Details
Barrie's 210-12-2013View Details
My new residence210-12-2013View Details
Family Blessing and Financial310-12-2013View Details
stability310-12-2013View Details
Financial Breakthrough210-12-2013View Details
enlarge our Church family210-12-2013View Details
Revive & Renew A Right Spirit Within Me210-12-2013View Details
Strength In Marriage Agape Love210-11-2013View Details
Ministry210-11-2013View Details
pray for me210-11-2013View Details
Have your way God!210-11-2013View Details
Over Flow Blessings210-11-2013View Details
The Help of God210-11-2013View Details
Healing, Finances, Better Job210-11-2013View Details
my family210-11-2013View Details
Deliverance for my brother (please read)410-11-2013View Details
a better career510-11-2013View Details
Healing in my body (right side)210-11-2013View Details
Finances210-11-2013View Details
Graduation/Job/Family210-11-2013View Details
Financial Support210-11-2013View Details
Healing and Wholeness210-11-2013View Details
Deliverance210-11-2013View Details
Reoccurring kidney stones310-11-2013View Details
family salvation210-11-2013View Details
My family 911 emergency210-11-2013View Details
Healing210-11-2013View Details
Family210-11-2013View Details
prayer request210-11-2013View Details
[email protected]310-11-2013View Details
family210-11-2013View Details
Avenues210-11-2013View Details
Direction210-11-2013View Details
Learning To Know His Voice410-10-2013View Details
The Nation310-10-2013View Details
love one210-09-2013View Details
Salvation for family members210-09-2013View Details
family210-09-2013View Details
HUSBANDS HEART HEALTH210-09-2013View Details
EXPECT A MIRACLE!!!!!310-09-2013View Details
Financial Breakthrough & a house for me my daughter and 4 Grandc210-09-2013View Details
Healing210-09-2013View Details
Jabez Prayer210-09-2013View Details
Church of God in Christ, Philippine Jurisdiction310-09-2013View Details
Finances210-09-2013View Details
better job210-09-2013View Details
SEVER MIGRAIN HEADACH310-09-2013View Details
Salvation, Healing & Deliverance for Granddaughter210-08-2013View Details
family210-08-2013View Details
All the glory, all the honour, all the praise it belongs to GOD210-08-2013View Details
Deliverance, Healing For My Daughter410-08-2013View Details
about job en maridge610-08-2013View Details
The promise of God Acts 2:39410-08-2013View Details
Healing for one(my cousin, a male) and Deliverance for the other510-08-2013View Details
Financial Breakthrough210-08-2013View Details
Family, daughter prosperity and college completion, cover my gra210-08-2013View Details
deliverance for my children and secussful blessed lives710-08-2013View Details
Prayer for My daughter and sister1110-08-2013View Details
God's favor and miracles510-08-2013View Details
problems children 610-08-2013View Details
REMEMBER ME IN PRAYER410-08-2013View Details
Peace510-08-2013View Details
help410-08-2013View Details
obedience410-08-2013View Details
Peace on MTSSC Campus410-08-2013View Details
Healing410-07-2013View Details
for my family 210-07-2013View Details
wisdom210-07-2013View Details
Healing and deliverance for my husband.310-07-2013View Details
My nieces510-07-2013View Details
Healing and Restoration from divorce410-07-2013View Details
House210-07-2013View Details
Marriage & Family210-07-2013View Details
seeking the holy ghost210-07-2013View Details
to be blessed in all that i do210-07-2013View Details
Financial Break Through310-07-2013View Details
Healing210-07-2013View Details
Salvation and Deliverance310-07-2013View Details
Finances310-07-2013View Details
Spirtual growth210-07-2013View Details
Financial breakthrough for family/husband210-07-2013View Details
Coma since April410-07-2013View Details
A Closer walk with my Lord and Savior210-07-2013View Details
My husband, Diabetics, Blood Pressure, and Weight Loss 410-07-2013View Details
To Be In Good Health310-07-2013View Details
Walk in my Gift510-07-2013View Details
Finance210-07-2013View Details
Healing210-07-2013View Details
To walk in Gods will210-06-2013View Details
Son to be saved allen and the growth of the church210-06-2013View Details
Evangelist Graham Prayers210-06-2013View Details
my brother310-06-2013View Details
prayer for strength210-06-2013View Details
Growth naturally and spiritually210-06-2013View Details
Job310-06-2013View Details
Young people come to Jesus210-06-2013View Details
Indifference marriage 210-06-2013View Details
needs210-06-2013View Details
Family210-06-2013View Details
MORE OF CHRIST 210-06-2013View Details
God's Mercy and Grace210-06-2013View Details
Healing210-06-2013View Details
Healing210-05-2013View Details
Healing210-05-2013View Details
Healing210-05-2013View Details
Healing210-05-2013View Details
A Miracle110-05-2013View Details
family salvation210-05-2013View Details
God's will for business 210-05-2013View Details
Terminal Illness210-05-2013View Details
Deliverance from Addictions210-05-2013View Details
Healing110-05-2013View Details
IN NEED OF A BREAK THROUGH!!!!!110-05-2013View Details
1 want to be debt free. 110-05-2013View Details
OBEDIENCE110-05-2013View Details
for my natural and my church family for church growth.110-05-2013View Details
My brother110-05-2013View Details
financial break through110-05-2013View Details
overcome sexual demon410-05-2013View Details
Prison Ministry110-05-2013View Details
Power of God110-05-2013View Details
career/life/financial freedom110-05-2013View Details
Deliverance and Salvation110-05-2013View Details
Sole Custody of my grandchild so she may be raised in a God fear910-05-2013View Details
Straight A Student, and a job.210-05-2013View Details
Healing of Body, 110-05-2013View Details
HEALING IN MY BODY110-05-2013View Details
The Whole Family110-05-2013View Details
Spiritual Direction in the Kingdom110-05-2013View Details
Salvation, finances and the United States states 110-05-2013View Details
Medical 110-05-2013View Details
Peace in my situations210-05-2013View Details
Favor110-05-2013View Details
Pray with me210-05-2013View Details
our nation210-05-2013View Details
deliverance from gambling210-05-2013View Details
Family and Ministry110-05-2013View Details
Restoration of marriage110-05-2013View Details
Clarity and favor210-05-2013View Details
Freedom and deliverance 1410-04-2013View Details
Financial breakthrough510-04-2013View Details
A Church810-04-2013View Details
prayer request310-04-2013View Details
In God We Trust310-04-2013View Details
Family/Finances710-04-2013View Details
Patience, Strength, and Courage310-04-2013View Details
Marriage Restoration1110-04-2013View Details
finance310-04-2013View Details
family210-04-2013View Details
Praise Report-I was Healed-!110-04-2013View Details
Heart surgery410-04-2013View Details
favor, complete healing210-03-2013View Details
Israel C. Forto 2013 Bar Examination610-03-2013View Details
job210-03-2013View Details
Fill me with the Holy Ghost to witness310-03-2013View Details
Clarksville COGIC & OUR CHURCH PRAYER LIST1010-03-2013View Details
Relocation310-03-2013View Details
Praying for my children's salvation310-03-2013View Details
Employment210-03-2013View Details
I NEED THEE410-03-2013View Details
My children, cousins, nieces, great nieces and nephews and grand210-03-2013View Details
Direction310-03-2013View Details
Father have mercy on us410-03-2013View Details
Nephew(Vinay) who have very little brain wave for 2 years410-03-2013View Details
Fulfill the Mission of Christ!210-03-2013View Details
wearing down by enemy410-03-2013View Details
Healing of Marriages510-03-2013View Details
Attending Convocation410-03-2013View Details
salvation &protection&financial 110-03-2013View Details
SALVATION310-03-2013View Details
HEALTH110-03-2013View Details
HEALING210-02-2013View Details
Free from debt310-02-2013View Details
Pray for those in authority over us410-02-2013View Details
Prayer for Strength, Wisdom and Employment110-02-2013View Details
deliverance: guidance: fill with the holy spirit:310-02-2013View Details
Pray for our President Obama110-02-2013View Details
Supernatural Restoration, Favor, and Increase Spiritually, Menta110-02-2013View Details
Healing in my body.110-02-2013View Details
Graduation210-02-2013View Details
My neice from off drugs410-02-2013View Details
For My Firstborn Grand child510-02-2013View Details
nneed a right now blessed 110-02-2013View Details
Friend\210-02-2013View Details
PAKISTANI CHRISTIAN410-02-2013View Details
TRAINING110-02-2013View Details
Huntington disease and Severe muscle damage210-02-2013View Details
Bishop Larry L Shaw 510-02-2013View Details
That God will continue to keep me in his care110-02-2013View Details
Re:how to accept and move on110-02-2013View Details
Healing210-01-2013View Details
Healing210-01-2013View Details
Deliverance210-01-2013View Details
Family210-01-2013View Details
Grandchildren1210-01-2013View Details
Pray for MY House and Family710-01-2013View Details
Walk in my gift610-01-2013View Details
To do a new thing in my life510-01-2013View Details
prayer for a job710-01-2013View Details
physical healing; souls310-01-2013View Details
Prayer for my daughter810-01-2013View Details
True Gospel409-30-2013View Details
God to do a new thing in my life309-30-2013View Details
loved ones409-30-2013View Details
31 year old woman dating my 18 year old son2309-30-2013View Details
Seminary Journey 509-30-2013View Details
divine protection409-30-2013View Details
CUSTOM MADE BLESSING FOR ME!209-30-2013View Details
move lord209-30-2013View Details
Husband and children.209-30-2013View Details
need a scholarship and financial helps for our church developmen209-30-2013View Details
for healing of body due to many surgeries209-30-2013View Details
Continual Faith209-30-2013View Details
Performance award and lawsuit settlement309-30-2013View Details
Elder Daniel A. Thomas, Sr.309-30-2013View Details
healing and favor 209-30-2013View Details
housing309-29-2013View Details
set free209-29-2013View Details
Prayer for a critically ill friend509-29-2013View Details
need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1409-29-2013View Details
Heal209-29-2013View Details
Consistant209-29-2013View Details
custody609-29-2013View Details
Spiritual and Financial Deliverance209-29-2013View Details
healing for family members209-29-2013View Details
MY SHEPARD209-29-2013View Details
Holy Ghost Filled workers are needed at our church609-29-2013View Details
Spiritual direction209-29-2013View Details
MY FAMILY A HOME609-29-2013View Details
Healing for my son709-29-2013View Details
Release Your Anointing - Seed Planting Season209-29-2013View Details
Prayer for a friend209-29-2013View Details
Bless Our Home209-29-2013View Details
"My Family is in Trouble"809-29-2013View Details
Job309-29-2013View Details
Spiritual Growth309-29-2013View Details
Spiritual and financial blessings. 309-28-2013View Details
Prayer for my daughter409-28-2013View Details
Immigration509-28-2013View Details
Heal My Body409-28-2013View Details
Healing and Family Salvation1009-28-2013View Details
Stability309-28-2013View Details
Praying for a job and healing of eczema., prayer for my family.309-28-2013View Details
Job209-28-2013View Details
Grandchildren409-28-2013View Details
Marriage309-28-2013View Details
Marriage & Family209-28-2013View Details
For My President409-28-2013View Details
Husband209-28-2013View Details
Parkinson disease209-28-2013View Details
Healing309-28-2013View Details
Marraige/adultry709-28-2013View Details
Special Prayer209-28-2013View Details
Closer walk with God 209-28-2013View Details
Family unity209-28-2013View Details
Dibeties, Hi bloodpresser, artritis309-27-2013View Details
cancer209-27-2013View Details
Finance309-27-2013View Details
please pray for the Taylor family we need a financial marical.An209-27-2013View Details
Fiance209-27-2013View Details
finances and reaching lost souls209-27-2013View Details
Healing / conditions at our church be cleared up209-27-2013View Details
Guidance/Help209-27-2013View Details
Broken409-27-2013View Details
Healing209-27-2013View Details
Healing of cancer209-27-2013View Details
What God has joined together let no one come between209-27-2013View Details
Financial Breakthrough209-27-2013View Details
break through209-27-2013View Details
I need a "Suddenly" blessing209-27-2013View Details
Reconciliation209-27-2013View Details
church309-27-2013View Details
Prayer for pastor309-27-2013View Details
Healing from Fibroids209-27-2013View Details
Family/Finances/Protection209-27-2013View Details
Lord I need a Financial Miracle today209-27-2013View Details
DIRECTION,FAMILY,JOB209-27-2013View Details
children & Home209-27-2013View Details
My Grandson209-27-2013View Details
2013 COGIC CONVOCATION PRAYER309-27-2013View Details
LORD HELP ME!!!309-27-2013View Details
my job209-27-2013View Details
Good Job209-27-2013View Details
help209-27-2013View Details
Fruitfulness within our marriage 909-27-2013View Details
Breakthrough Faith309-27-2013View Details
unsaved chrildrin509-27-2013View Details
Healing - Salvation for children/grandchildren409-27-2013View Details
Brokenness 609-27-2013View Details
Financial309-27-2013View Details
A spiritual and financial break through309-27-2013View Details
PURPOSE509-27-2013View Details
Successful Surgery409-27-2013View Details
Praying for my wife2309-27-2013View Details
Another Chance609-27-2013View Details
Power & Strength509-27-2013View Details
Healing309-27-2013View Details
Healing 409-27-2013View Details
college and my mother409-27-2013View Details
financial relief309-27-2013View Details
Healing309-27-2013View Details
Financial209-27-2013View Details
Safe, affordable housing and job209-27-2013View Details
Break every chain809-27-2013View Details
Family509-26-2013View Details
Healing409-26-2013View Details
Direction309-26-2013View Details
financial 209-26-2013View Details
Pass the CPA Exam309-26-2013View Details
More of the Holy Spirit.209-26-2013View Details
Miracles209-26-2013View Details
Removal of all Lack309-26-2013View Details
Strengthen our Pastor's & First Ladies Worldwide1209-26-2013View Details
Family and Finances and direction209-26-2013View Details
Guidance309-26-2013View Details
Go higher in my ministry and a humble spirit609-26-2013View Details
Marriage 409-26-2013View Details
Deliverance309-26-2013View Details
Healing and Peace309-26-2013View Details
Prayer for daughters409-26-2013View Details
Healing309-26-2013View Details
salvation409-26-2013View Details
Grandchildren509-26-2013View Details
leaderships209-26-2013View Details
Healing Family Member309-26-2013View Details
emmanuel cogic409-26-2013View Details
Family209-26-2013View Details
Finances & Wedding309-26-2013View Details
Healing & Financial, job, transportation209-26-2013View Details
Strengthen my Brothers Family409-26-2013View Details
Healing409-26-2013View Details
prayer for bishop Matthew WIilliams 609-26-2013View Details
family209-26-2013View Details
FAVOR FOR JOB409-26-2013View Details
ALL MARRIAGES309-26-2013View Details
Save my children and grandchildren409-26-2013View Details
finanical healing209-26-2013View Details
Healing of my Body409-26-2013View Details
Pray for Healing of my body209-26-2013View Details
stay in the will of God generations209-26-2013View Details
Family209-26-2013View Details
Obstacles in Life309-26-2013View Details
Grandson609-26-2013View Details
Deliverance309-26-2013View Details
healing for cancer509-26-2013View Details
Infilling of Holy Ghost309-26-2013View Details
My family209-26-2013View Details
Employment209-26-2013View Details
Husband's Salvation and direction from God309-26-2013View Details
Teaching Position309-26-2013View Details
God's perfect will and direction209-26-2013View Details
Freedom from Addiction309-25-2013View Details
Stepping out on faith309-25-2013View Details
cancer209-25-2013View Details
The Revealing of My Husband and that I continue to Develope the 209-25-2013View Details
Mission in Life109-25-2013View Details
finances - family209-25-2013View Details
healing and save my husband and family309-25-2013View Details
manifestation of restoration 109-25-2013View Details
Employment209-25-2013View Details
God's Purpose for my Life209-25-2013View Details
Church Building209-25-2013View Details
PWC Church Home109-25-2013View Details
For a husband509-25-2013View Details
financial and spiritual restoration109-25-2013View Details
The Lord's Comfort109-25-2013View Details
Financial Stability and Vision209-25-2013View Details
Direction for my Future209-25-2013View Details
OBEDIENCE309-25-2013View Details
I pray the LORDS WILL BE DONE IN YOU AND ME in JESUS name!109-25-2013View Details
Healing109-25-2013View Details
Deliverance209-25-2013View Details
peace in marriage and family209-25-2013View Details
God's will will always be foremost 209-25-2013View Details
mothers healing,brothers incarceration 209-25-2013View Details
Job109-25-2013View Details
restoration,healing109-25-2013View Details
My children will form a close relationship with God,as they grow209-25-2013View Details
Restore left shoulder nerves109-25-2013View Details
Healing and Job209-25-2013View Details
A right now JOB 109-25-2013View Details
purpose for my life109-25-2013View Details
money109-25-2013View Details
God\109-25-2013View Details
Health/family209-25-2013View Details
Prayer for Bishop Lawrence, COGIC India Saints409-25-2013View Details
Help for Church & Family 209-25-2013View Details
Prayer for my son309-25-2013View Details
Employment109-25-2013View Details
Healing for Mother109-25-2013View Details
Pray for my future109-25-2013View Details
Heal my sinus infection209-25-2013View Details
Bless my MOTHER209-25-2013View Details
Business Success109-25-2013View Details
Breakthroughs209-25-2013View Details
To be an effective saint of God.109-25-2013View Details
Law Suit of contractor209-25-2013View Details
Pray and Obey God109-25-2013View Details
Healing & Financial109-25-2013View Details
direction109-25-2013View Details
School Safety Worldwide409-25-2013View Details
Healing of my Heart209-25-2013View Details
Protection for safety overseas, Son to graduate and receive a go109-25-2013View Details
Husband209-25-2013View Details
Grandson 7 y/o autism can't talk409-25-2013View Details
Pray for Leadership all over 109-25-2013View Details
Job, Finacial blessings, and Healing my dad109-25-2013View Details
Holiness and Favor109-25-2013View Details
Healing109-25-2013View Details
financial109-25-2013View Details
Complete healing and double portion annointing 209-25-2013View Details
Make me whole109-25-2013View Details
Pray the Lord will save my children109-25-2013View Details
Healing of my body109-25-2013View Details
Family-Healing of the mind/Deliverance from generational family 209-25-2013View Details
Pastor for our Church209-25-2013View Details
Supernatural Favor209-25-2013View Details
Ministry Annointing109-25-2013View Details
Marriage209-25-2013View Details
Ministry209-25-2013View Details
Hearing the Voice of God209-25-2013View Details
Family, Healing,More Income, salvationcom209-25-2013View Details
My Son209-25-2013View Details
Salvation and full commitment to God209-25-2013View Details
The Revealing of My Husband and that I continue to Develope the 4409-25-2013View Details
Healing/Speedy Recovery1809-25-2013View Details
Holy Convocation 20133509-25-2013View Details
family1509-25-2013View Details
Restoration 1609-25-2013View Details
God save children and grandchildren 2409-25-2013View Details
Healing1009-25-2013View Details
give me clear direction1609-25-2013View Details
pray for our leaders1609-25-2013View Details
healing for our son809-25-2013View Details
hea our son509-25-2013View Details
Health Issues809-25-2013View Details
Financial healing509-25-2013View Details
BETTER JOB1009-25-2013View Details
For My Life 609-25-2013View Details
Healing of my body709-25-2013View Details
church1009-25-2013View Details
Strength and courage to lead God\709-25-2013View Details
To return to nursing career509-25-2013View Details
Healing of the past909-25-2013View Details
Healing of The Mind1209-25-2013View Details
Healing709-25-2013View Details
Ministry needs609-25-2013View Details
Prayer for stregnth and for family to be saved..AMEN809-25-2013View Details
Double Portion Of the Lord's Spirit809-25-2013View Details
Finances and Relationship909-25-2013View Details
Salvation, healing and deliverance409-25-2013View Details
Save my family609-25-2013View Details
car909-25-2013View Details
Prayer for employment809-25-2013View Details
Release of funds and God's intervention in my mortgage situatio809-25-2013View Details
restoration409-25-2013View Details
sis pam 1209-25-2013View Details
Salvation409-25-2013View Details
Anoint me to carryout God's purpose for me!809-25-2013View Details
Family and school209-25-2013View Details
Revival309-25-2013View Details
Prayer for college students and understanding 809-25-2013View Details
Healing 509-25-2013View Details
Money New car309-25-2013View Details
Mind change/Salvation309-25-2013View Details
Family309-25-2013View Details
Prayer for mothers salvation509-25-2013View Details
School loans paid in full709-25-2013View Details
Prayer for my church, my family, and for myself309-25-2013View Details
My great-grandson, Javion Mack909-25-2013View Details
Financial Issues309-25-2013View Details
Release of funds409-25-2013View Details
"Father, I stretch my hands to thee"209-25-2013View Details
Healing of cancer609-25-2013View Details
Generational Curses Broken509-25-2013View Details
Clarity, release of funds, healing and restoration. 309-25-2013View Details
kidney1009-25-2013View Details
Healing and Clarity209-25-2013View Details
Boldness209-25-2013View Details
Holy Ghost1109-25-2013View Details
Healing409-25-2013View Details
Financial209-25-2013View Details
Casting the devil out709-25-2013View Details
Healing for Sister409-25-2013View Details
Save the Family309-25-2013View Details
ministry concerns 209-24-2013View Details
Prayer please...409-24-2013View Details
God\209-24-2013View Details
my church509-24-2013View Details
To save my children409-24-2013View Details
Family & Church409-24-2013View Details
Pray for finacial blessing 209-24-2013View Details
Being in the Will of GOD.309-24-2013View Details
offspring and siblings209-24-2013View Details
Deliverance (addiction)509-24-2013View Details
financially/healing309-24-2013View Details
Prayer for my husband409-24-2013View Details
REDEEMED409-24-2013View Details
Release of Funds held 3509-24-2013View Details
CLARITY909-24-2013View Details
Healing for my husband1009-24-2013View Details
Peace Healing Deliverance from Fear.1209-24-2013View Details
PRAYER FOR MY SON'S DEPLOYMENT1309-24-2013View Details
Imani School in Africa & America1009-24-2013View Details
FINANCIAL BLESSING AND A JOB1109-24-2013View Details
SAVE MY CHILDREN1209-24-2013View Details
Healing, Guidance409-24-2013View Details
healing509-24-2013View Details
Healing509-24-2013View Details
Peace in marriage1709-24-2013View Details
Healing509-24-2013View Details
Praying for strength and healing in the mind body and soul709-24-2013View Details
Employment1009-24-2013View Details
Prayer for healing809-24-2013View Details
Pray for me, and my wife andfamily,and our Leaders,and our churc909-24-2013View Details
Save, Heal, and Bless Everywhere!2709-24-2013View Details
Traveling Grace2209-23-2013View Details
Healing2709-20-2013View Details
COGIC PR7009-20-2013View Details

The C.H. Mason Upper Room Prayer Chamber allows saints to list their prayer petitions online so prayer warriors around the globe can pray for them.

While there is often the temptation to only pray when there is an emergency or when in dire need, the Prayer Chamber is an incredible tool that encourages people to continually pray and to share their prayer needs, as well as to pray at designated times.

The world map below shows the locations of our prayer volunteers all around the world. Click Here to submit your prayer request so these prayer warriors can pray on your behalf.


Map of Prayer Warriors Around the World