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If you read the last TWT article from the PK Connection, you remember that our initial topics included: “You treat the church children better than your own,” “I messed up, now what?” and “Letting go of the past to prepare for the future.” There was indeed an atmosphere of freedom and deliverance throughout that week. One of the other topics we discussed was understanding the job of the ministry and having a better understanding of what our parents do.

I appreciate that my father and mother made sure that my brother and I knew that pasturing was not only a ministry but also a job. However, unlike many other jobs, I knew my father was on call 24/7. There were many occasions when the phone would ring in the middle of the night because a member was in need or a couple was having a fight. Or knowing that I would not be able to see my father in the audience for my awards assemblies because he had to be at Bible study.

As a child, I would often wish to see his face in the crowd, but now that I’m older, I understand that my father has always had a heart for people and was committed to his call. One thing that many of us PKs had in common was that our mothers supported our games, our assemblies, and our celebrations if our fathers couldn’t attend. Yes, I have had to share my father and mother with the congregation, but they have made it a priority to set aside time for our family. Because of that, I can have peace with the church.

With ministry comes many sacrifices, and it’s important for pastors and first ladies to sit down and talk with their children about the costs of ministry. As a pastor’s kid, there will be times when your parents can’t be there when you want them. But like our Heavenly Father, I pray they will be there when you need them. TWT


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Kiara Davis, successful school teacher and blogger, attends New Life Tabernacle COGIC in Houston, TX where her father, Superintendent Carl A. Davis, is pastor.

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