All Night Prayer Service Update

Thank God for the praying Women of God!  Women who will yet travail in the Holy Ghost on behalf of God's People.  The presence of God was palpable in the America's Center – Halls 4 & 5 after a night completely dedicated to prayer.  We all want to THANK Mother Francis Kelley and her team of Prayer Captains.  They have truly set the atmosphere for a mighty Move of God in Holy Convocation 2013!

The Miracle Working God we serve is showing Himself mighty in this place.  Look for more reports of what God is doing for His people during this time.

We would be remiss not to also sent out a HUGE THANK YOU to President Elijah Hankerson and the Evangelism Department for the efforts to prepare the atmosphere in St. Louis for the Glory of God.

A host of others have been praying for Holy Convocation 2013 – and we appreciate you for touching and agreeing with us in the success of this Holy Convocation.

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