112th Holy Convocation



Altar Guild

Assistant Supervisor



Christian Women’s Council

Elder Gilbert White

The Altar Worker’s Course will cover, 1) The Call to Altar Ministry, 2) The Qualifications of the Altar Worker, 3) The Importance of Possessing Our Vessels Unto Sanctification, 4) How to Be An Effective Altar Worker, and 5) Categorical Areas of Altar Ministry.

Mother Kathie Humphrey

Effective Assistant Supervisors provide service and support with a lifelong learning desire. We will help you to become able to support the initiatives implemented by the leader, display a growing walk with God through prayer and the application of the Word daily, and demonstrate a passion to minister to a Deeply Depressed and Troubled World


The purpose of this training is to create awareness of the importance of balancing work, self-care and leisure in ministry. Personal sharing, interactice activities and utilizing wellness concepts that contributes to hlistic ministry will enhance this learning experience.

Dr. Goldie F. Wells

CHMJI Instruction will be provided for men and women who are interested in establishing a site or teaching courses that will be required to pass the standard ordination at the local, district, or jurisdictional level. Applications for enrollment for online instructors’ training will be available.

Evangelist Gale P. Gardner

Evangelist Patricia Wideman

CWC International Workshop will consider “How Will You Answer The Call To Minister and Witness To A Distressed and Troubled World?”
Follow God’s instructions and not your own mind!!!!

Church Growth

COGIC Scholars

COGIC Women’s History

Deacon’s Class

Deacon’s Wives’ Class

Bishop Roderick Hennings

The Church Growth seminar will outline the importance of having biblical Domestic Dominion in life and relationships, examine the requirements of the marital relationship, and the relationship between man and God. Beginning with the ground, to every plant, herb, beast & fowl born out of the ground, the foundation of it all. When your ground is right, the future is bright.

Dr. Raynard Smith, Coordinator

The COGIC Scholars Fellowship is a supportive network that seeks to provide an intellectually stimulating forum for dialogue within the denomination for COGIC members who have obtained, or are presently pursuing, graduate level degrees in religious/theological studies or other related academic disciplines. In achieving this goal, the COGIC Scholars Fellowship seeks to stimulate academic scholarship among COGIC members; to encourage the pursuit of academic training for ministry and scholarship; to recognize and promote scholarly achievements of COGIC members especially in the area of published works; to connect COGIC members with the on-going scholarship of the Academy and the wider Pentecostal Movement in particular; and to provide opportunities for mentoring to other COGIC members who are contemplating pursuing graduate level training in religious/theological studies or other related academic disciplines.

Evangelist Glenda Williams-Goodson

Elizabeth White. Lillian Brooks Coffey. Arenia Mallory. Lelia January. Reatha Herndon. Elizabeth Dabney. Who are these women and why is it important to know them? In 1997 at the request of Dr. Alonzo Johnson, Evangelist Glenda Williams Goodson established the Lizzie Wood Robinson Memorial C.O.G.I.C. Women’s History Class to answer that question. The mission was to educate and preserve the vision of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, to tell the stories of women who embraced and championed the cause of Christ as they labored in church, community, and civic engagement for Better Homes, Better Schools, Better Communities and a Better World.

Elder Griffin Lotson

Deacon Orelious Peevy, Jr.

The Training Goals of the Deacons’ Class are 1.to EMPOWER to become greater SERVANTS of God THROUGH serving pastors and other leaders. 2. to DISCOVER the various ways God EMPOWERS saints for Kingdom Building 3. to DISCUSS the origin, duties and purpose of the Deacon Ministry 4. To UNDERSTAND more fully what it means to have the heart, mind, and soul of a SERVANT and 5. to MOTIVATE to make a greater commitment to become SERVANT PARTNERS with pastors and other leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.

Mother Alsiceteen Peevy

For Deacons Wives’.

Dealing With Caregiver Stress




Health, Healing and Deliverance

International District Missionaries Unit

Evangelist Josiah Jackson

The class, Dealing with Caregiver Stress, will help caregivers through the seasons as they care for others. We encourage caregivers to develop a support group and program at their local church or in their community, implement various services that support them as caregivers, and how to effectively communicate with their family.

National Evangelist Vonetta Gray-Wilborne

In Demonology we will 1. Define High Power Spirit, 2. Make every attempt to expose the Santanic Kingdom, 3. Discuss the chain of command, and 4. Discuss the three Demonic Kingdoms and the Spirits under their control.

Bishop Elijah H. Hankerson III

Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole

“The Bishop L. C. Page School of Evangelism is designed to provide a Gold Standard of excellence within the field of Christian Education that will enable the servant-leader to become spiritually alert, intellectually competent, physically disciplined, and socially cognitive as an evangelist within the Church Of God In Christ. Our mission is to spiritually develop our constituents to address the challenges of the shifting culture and communities in which we minister and exist utilizing innovative strategies for soul winning.

Dr. Fay Ellis Butler

Dr. Fay Maureen Butler

Missionary Cynthia Butler

The incidence and prevalence of degenerative diseases — heart disease, diabetes, various types arthritic conditions, etc., as well as. emotional, psychological and spiritual problems are seemingly on the increase among those in the body of Christ.  The class ‘Healing and Deliverance for the Saints’ addresses the interaction of diet, stress and aspects of spiritual failure like unforgiveness (all of which may contribute to and/or precipitate illnesses).  The Word of God, prayer and common sense are our instruments of training.

 Dr. Noma Roberson

The church seasoning the world suggests that the church is in a unique position to make a difference in humankind. More importantly, the church possesses the Kingdom power that can rescue and save a troubled world. Kingdom power manifests itself through powerful ministries. In ministry at the district level, District Missionaries have an opportunity to introduce Kingdom power that impact lives and bring hope. This class is designed to enable District Missionaries to explore areas that have priority for world change. In addition, this class will encourage District Missionaries to use their district ministries to introduce Kingdom power that improves quality of life in real time.

International Music Department

International Purity Class

International Youth Department


Jurisdictional Stateside Supervisors’ Class

Jurisdictional Foreign Supervisors’ Class

Dr. Judith C. McAllister

Levitical Aspects of Ministry in the 21st Century-1 hr. This class will give focus to what it took for the Old Testament priests to come before the presence of God and what it takes for us today. We will discuss the three key essentials of Effective Music Ministry: consecration, commitment and competence. This class looks at the spiritual and natural preparation involved in Levitical worship, as well as the posture of spiritual connection and cohesion that Levites must have in ministry together

Mother Thelma E. Cotton

The Purity Class Objectives are 1. To LIFT and PROTECT moral standards. 2. TEACH AND TRAIN youth to be leaders while building Character Spiritually. 3. ENCOURAGE Puritan and Parents Involvement. 4. DEVELOP a plan to Enhance the Purity Auxiliary. 5. SECURE INFORMATION for Promoting Respect for Themselves and for Leadership.

Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers

Superintendent Benjamin Stephens, III

The International Youth Department will facilitating both Evangelist Larscene Walls-Women in Ministry & Chairlady Lisa Flowers, PhD-Building Strong Youth Leaders.

Mother Gloria Lynch


If you have been serving as Supervisor for five years or more this is the class for you. We support the women’s work and under-gird our General Supervisor. Mother Gloria Lynch is the Supervisor for the Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Southern California.

Supervisor Maddaline Norfleet

The Foreign Supervisors’ Class will benefit “All Foreign Supervisors” both Indigenous (Living outside of the USA and Stateside). it is structured to equip the supervisor with the essential tools necessary to grow and prosper in her assignment. This year’s classes will include training in the following areas and more.

  • Understanding your role as a Foreign Supervisor
  • Effectively ministering across cultural lines
  • Preparing a U.S. delegation for international travel & ministry
  • How to create and attract revenue for your foreign work
  • Meeting the needs of the people you serve

Laity Leadership

Legal Issues

Licensed Missionaries

Marriage and Family

 Bishop C.L. Moody Missions Training Academy

Dr. Judith C. McAllister

” What’s good about me?” Lay Leaders consider that as citizens of this world, our attitudes about others are sometimes based upon seeing rather than that of knowing. Reality shows invite us to see and know characters in a world that is deeply distressed and troubled. Do we really know them or their character? Within the church, reflections of the same experiences do exist among its congregation, but if these critical overviews are not brought to purpose, they will continue to flourish.

Attorney Peter Johnson Davis

Elder Peter J. Davis, Esq. is a Criminal and Civil Trial Attorney, with over 23 years of experience. he is considered an expert in Ecclesiastical (church) law, has conducted several seminars and prepared a series of articles on the topic Reducing Litigation within the Church. He is an Associate Justice on the Judiciary Board of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. His pastor is Bishop O. L. Meadows.

Mother Regina Edwards

After a missionary acknowledges her call from God, she is to support her local church, pastor, district, and jurisdiction. She will continue to support the COGIC ministries and above all be a witness for Jesus globally.

Bishop and Mrs. Harvey L. Lewis, Sr.


Marriage and the Family: We are called to witness and minister to families regarding their relational, spiritual, physical, social, and economical well being. The principles we share are based on the Word of God and have worked for us for 65 years. To God be the Glory!

Bishop Vincent Matthews, President

The Mission’s family acknowledges that the entire human race in every sector of the world is deeply distressed and troubled. Jesus said in St. Matthew 24:1-14 that these things in which we witnessing would take place. “He encouraged those that believed in Him endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” We 1) must promote the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and stay the prescribed course through fasting, prayer and belief in His Word 2) are compelled to seek Souls relentlessly in all the World. 3) utilize Faith in God as our vehicle to accomplish his assignment. These are but a few of the topic items we will use in this year’s class.

National Church Mothers

National Hospitality

Nurses Unit

O.M. Kelley Institute

Clergy Wives’ Class

Mother Lolita J. Perkins

As a Church Mother you have been called to be a Titus 2 Woman, will you say “yes” to God’s call? God calls people to salvation and to service in his kingdom. Calling is not so much about what you do as about who you do it for. God calls every person in at least two ways. There is the call to salvation and a call to serve. It can be a call to leadership, missionary proclamation, or a call to disciple-making.

Mother Carolyn J. Galbraith

Details coming soon.

Evangelist Sharon Woodfox-Ryan BSN, RN, FCN

Evangelist Verdell Marsh, PhD, RN-Facilitator

The International Nursing Unit strives to improve the quality of life and state of wellness of the saints and peoples worldwide. Nurses and other Health Professionals must be up to date in scientific knowledge and be equipped spiritually to be effective. This year’s topics and speakers will focus on current concerns and trends in healthcare: The Opioid Crisis, CBD Vapor Devices, and 2019 Clinical Guidelines.

Superintendent Billy Gaskins


The O M Kelley Institute is designed for preachers. We have presenters to teach on matters that will help the preacher, pastor and evangelist to become more effective and productive in ministry. It is the only class that designates a preacher to preach to us each day in order to inspire us to keep the flame of evangelism burning so that souls will be saved and equipped to do kingdom work.

Lady Barbara Mann

LADY BARBARA MANN, a native of Warren, Oh, is married to Bishop Loran E. Mann, Senior Pastor of Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ, Pittsburgh, PA  She is the founder of the Council of Christian Women, a group that focuses on resolving women’s issues through Biblical perspectives.  She is the Coordinator of Clergy Wives, which include the wives of Ministers, Pastors, Superintendents, and Administrative Assistants of the Church of God in Christ.  The focus of her ministry is “Healing for the Hurting.”.


Scholastic Motivation

Sewing Circle

Singles – Boaz Found Me

SKIP—Saints Kids in Prison

District Missionary Millie Coby

This session will equip the believer with the skills needed to achieve an effective prayer life.  We will garner the tools and strategies needed to see the manifestation of God’s promise.”Come Looking For Your Miracle”!

Elder David Whitley

SCHOLASTIC MOTIVATION MINISTRIES’ goals are to: Reward Youth for Academic & Personal Achievements, Expand Local, District & Jurisdictional SMM, Launch a relevant ministry model that will attrach local church and community youth, Organize a College & Networking Fair, Organize An SMM “Education” Activity Day, and Attract Corporate Sponsors.

 Lady Tarita Brown

Lady Tarita Brown is the First Lady of Refreshing Springs COGIC with her husband, Administrative Assistant A. Wendell Brown Jr. An Evangelist Missionary, she is an excellent seamstress and crafter. She has been actively involved in Sewing and Crafting as early as age 9. As the Newly Appointed President, she is thankful for her Predecessor, Dr. Pearl Page Brown for blazing the trail for her. The Sewing Circle is a place where you can bring your God-given talents, crafty ideas and artistic desires to be transformed into tangible items.

Missionary Cleorah Scruggs-DeBose


We deal with issues of singleness with Q & A, including the conference theme, urban initiative, and the relevance for singles. An example of a modern day Boaz Miracle, of two born again believers, baby boomers, who had never been married, or had children, who experienced a blossoming friendship, resulting in the manifestation of God’s promised reward, a journey that is articulated in the books, Boaz Found Me, A Love Story and Companion Guide, Author C. Scruggs DeBose. www.csdministries.org Book Foreword: Bishop P.A. Brooks, and Rev. C. DeBose Ph.D. St Paul AME Church.

Sis. Carole Hogan-Williams

S.K.I.P. “Saints Kids In Prison” will stress the overarching goals of our church which is for saint’s (our) children to remain arrest-free and to become competent and self-sufficient members of their communities. The goal of churches should be to provide a unifying vision to the many correctional, law enforcement and human service agencies that are part of the transition process. Church leaders may need to rethink and revise their respective mission in order to support improved transition. We are called by God, and by loving people we are to loose the chains of justice, free the oppressed, share food, and shelter.

Sunday School Department

Supervisors Without Charge

The Financial Times

The Sunshine Band


Bishop Alton Gatlin

To learn and receive the very best information for your Sunday School. Training will take place in Americas Center Tuesday through Friday. Learn how to help your church grow through building a healthy, successful Sunday school.

Supervisor Frances E. Harris

For Jurisdictional Supervisors not actively serving a jurisdiction.

Elder Laurence Plummer

Study “HOW TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY IN TOUGH TIMES AND MASTER STEWARDSHIP” Learn the biblical principles of stewardship and how to become a consistent tither in ministry. Learn the effective strategies in preparing for retirement and how to become an effective money manager. The future you build today is the future you’ll enjoy tomorrow.

President Leslie Pace


The Sunshine Band workshop offers fundamental principles and skills basic to the successful development of dynamic children’s ministry within all levels of the church. While discussions highlight activity on the local level, it includes opportunities for presidents from all over the world to share their successes and challenges. It is an opportunity for all workers to address mutual concerns and share viable options. The class is designed for leaders who desire to maximize their effectiveness.

Mother Dorothy Holmes

The International Usher Department will discuss the importance of how we communicate specifically who and what an usher does. We style ourselves as a Silent Evangelist through our attitude, kindness, patience, and willing work, remaining respectful of other at all times and aspiring for excellence. We will discuss an open door to all ushers of the local Church, District, and Jurisdiction .If you are you are an usher there, you are automatically an USHER in the National Usher’s Department work.

Young Women’s Christian Council

PK Connection

Overcoming Drama to Succeed in the Workplace

Adopt A Young Parent America

The Power of Process

Bishop Alton Gatlin

To learn and receive the very best information for your Sunday School. Training will take place in Americas Center Tuesday through Friday. Learn how to help your church grow through building a healthy, successful Sunday school.

Bishop Michael Hill

PK Academy is a support group for Pastor’s children and offers help and healing to those who need it, by providing a safe environment to be open and transparent. Our objective is to address areas in the life of the PK. We will dialog about dark places and sensitive topics in an open forum, offer prayer and clinical-licensed counseling in order to restore wholeness both spiritual and natural.

Dr. Wil and Dr. Grace Nichols

The relationship Battle Plan for the workplace, friendships and other relationships.

Pastor Willie Toone


AAYPA is intended to address the need for improved parenting. The concept is designed to offer solutions for the ongoing need for parenting skills in order to make a difference in every community. The five core values considered are COMMITMENT, COURAGE, COOPERATION, COMMUNICATION, and COMPETENCE.

Pastor R. Andrew Clark III

The way we think, the way we speak and what we do is affecting every blessing in our lives, it is molding and shaping our destiny and heritage. The POWER of PROCESS is a class teaching life giving principles that Perfection and Blessings is not in just what we do but HOW we do it. If you want effective change in your life, the key is in the PROCESS. Process will literally bless or bust your destiny.

Business and Professional Women

District Missionaries Without Charge

Christ, Healings in Motion

Financial Planning

Disaster Relief

Mrs. Bonnie Jean McPeak

The business and professional women will focus on: 1.) The church and the community must feel and see our presence through the gospel of Jesus Christ and through caring, sharing and helping. 2.) To empower women to excel in their occupations, business and profession by using the principles of holiness, righteousness and fairness. 3.) To develop virtuous and professional leaders.

Missionary Gloria Patterson

Our goal is to remember the District Missionaries who have served faithfully and are now emeritized and those from a dissolved District.
Those women comprise the District Missionary Without Charge unit. Together in love, we strive with a purpose and a plan to be Supportive of Our General Supervisor of Women, in all that God has called us to do.

Superintendent Eugene Ferrell

Information coming soon.

Deacon Larry Bland


A class on financial planning.

 Elder Sarone Kennedy, Sr.

Learn principles of Disaster Relief.

Spiritual Gifts


Evang. Tara Tillman

Information coming soon.

 Elder Michael D. Green

Elder Michael D. Green, Sr. is the youngest son of Bishop Samuel L. Green, Jr. and the late Madame Vivian F. Green and has been an ordained elder in the Church of God in Christ since August 1996. He is the founder of Michael Green Ministries, an evangelistic ministry geared to deliver and empower people through the preached word of God and pastor of Rock Center Church. Elder Green is married to Mrs. Candace Laverne Green, his childhood sweetheart, and God has graced them with a miracle child, Michael Duvall Green, Jr. Elder Green is also a Vice President of the International Department of Evangelism and Region 7 President.