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  1. Prayer request,
    Keep God first
    For long life
    Stay healthy
    Purchase a home & furniture
    New vehicle
    Financial blessing
    Pray for my husband and family members, healing and good health.

  2. Praying for Bishop Blake and the body of Christ that the world would see Jesus in us and would want to be saved and fill with His Spirit.

  3. We pray for peace in the city souls save, sanctified and fill with the HolyGhost sick to healed delivered and set free. Restoration for families, friends angels of protection around the saints coming from far and near. Protection from all hurt harm and danger.

  4. Dear heavenly Father bless our Leaders Bishop Charles Edward Blake & Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis with vision to lead your great people. Help us to wholeheartedly return to prayer, fasting, witnessing to those who are lost. Strengthen our church at large and help us continue to be light in darkness. Strengthen our local church bodies, homes and communities. Let this Holy Convocation be full of Miracles, Signs and Wonders in Jesus’s name Amen!

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