General Assembly Master Roster

The process for submitting the April 2020 Master Certificate of Election (Master Roster) is
now available through the ARC portal. Please review the following information before
submitting the Master Roster.

1. All Master Rosters must be submitted electronically through the ARC portal. If a person
has not paid a current years assessment they cannot be added to the Master Roster
until that assessment has been settled.

2. All addendums to the Master Roster must be done through the ARC portal. Manual
Rosters will not be accepted. Addendums will be accepted through 04/15/2020.

3. General Assembly badges can only be produced for those names listed on the Master
Roster. No exceptions.

4. The Jurisdictional Secretary has the responsibility of issuing Certificates of Election to
the jurisdictional delegates. Therefore, he/she will be able to print all of the Certificates
of Election for their delegates through the ARC portal. If the delegates have an active
ARC account, they will be able to login and print their individual Certificate of Election.

5. The Office of the General Secretary will not be mailing Certificates of Election.

6. If a person is not on the digitally submitted Master Roster, a General Assembly badge
cannot be produced for them. That person will be referred to their Jurisdictional Secretary.