International Department of Evangelism




International Department of Evangelism Handbook. This vital resource contains information on how to do the work of Evangelism at all levels (local, district, jurisdiction, regional and international). Purchase your copy today for only $25 (includes Shipping)! Call 810-423-6685.









International Department of Evangelism Directory. Stay connected with the greatest team in the world: the International Department of Evangelism! This resource is available to departmental officials only. Order today for only $25.00 (includes shipping) at 810-423-6685










Basic Training Manual by Bishop Larence L. Wooten (General Board Member). Have you won souls to Christ and now the next question is, "Now what?" In this exciting new resource, being provided FREE to soul winners; Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten (General Board Member) takes the new convert step by step in developing a solid relationship with God. Make this vital resource a NECESSARY part of your soul winning tools! Click here to download