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 “Hurricane Harvey”

  The Church of God in Christ – A Passionate Response To People In Crisis

People in the Houston, Texas Metropolitan area are suffering from this devastating storm of historic magnitude.  Tragically, there appears to be more rain in the forecast.  There is a tremendous need for food, shelter, clothing, hygiene products, and volunteers.

Coordinating with Federal, State and Local emergency management officials, the Church of God in Christ is immediately executing an aggressive strategy that will include a nationwide appeal for resources and an organized regional collection and delivery process that will maximize impact and speed up response and recovery. COGIC will be focus on caring for as many people as possible satisfying the immediate need for emergency food and shelter.


  1. To mount a massive, national response to the crisis in the Gulf by collecting and deploying resources made available throughout the church in a way that will be most impactful;
  2. To establish regional collection centers with streamlined processes in place to convey the resources collected to impacted communities;
  1. To determine exactly what the needs are in impacted communities and provide our churches with a recommended list of resources to be collected;
  1. To immediately launch a national campaign encouraging Jurisdictions, Churches and individuals to send resources to the regional collection centers; and to
  1. To establish a COGIC SUPER RESOURCE CENTER in Houston, Texas.
  1. The COGIC SUPER RESOURCE CENTER shall facilitate trucks, cargo, response teams, and volunteers to be dispatched to critical areas on short notice at the direction of the National COGIC Missions Director operating at Ground Zero (Houston and impacted communities throughout the Gulf Coast Area).

Items to be donated to help people of Harvey:

  • Non-Perishable Food
  • Bottled Water
  • Pampers All Sizes (Children And Adults)
  • Personal Hygiene Products (Men/Women)
  • Soap, Hand Sanitizers, Lotion 

  • Undergarments (Men/Women, Children, Youth) preferably new
  • Children, Youth, Men and Women’s Clothing, preferably new
  • Used Clothing – Please Note: Should be in good shape, clean, washed, folded, labeled – Your local cleaners will often donate unclaimed clothing.
  • Shoes/Boots (Men/Women/Children) preferably new or slightly worn, good shape
  • Baby Food and Formula, Car Seats
  • Plastic Garbage Pails, Cloth and Duct Tape, Rubber Gloves and Hand Protection
  • Plastic Trash Bags, Large and Small,
  • Water Containers, Flash Lights, Tarps
  • Brooms, Mops, Shovels, Rope, Tools, Wheelbarrows
  • Wet-Dry Vacs, Mold Resistant Products
  • Basic Medical Supplies (Crutches, Canes, Walkers, Wheel Chairs) 

  • Toys and Games, Bicycles in good shape 

  • Toilet Paper/ Paper Towels, Sanitary Products
  • Cleaning Supplies, Disinfectants & Sanitizers
  • Pet Food 

  • First Aid Kits and Supplies 

  • Ace Bandages, Aluminum Finger Split, Instant Cold Packs, Cotton Balls And Cotton-Tipped Swabs, Band-Aids, Disposable Non-Latex Gloves, Petroleum Jelly, Hand Sanitizer, Towelettes, Sunscreen, Insect Repellant, Scissors And Tweezers, , Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic Solution.

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This national effort will result in hundreds of trucks from around the nation delivering to 1 of the 20 (plus) regional drop off centers  who will load 18 wheelers (40’-50’ trucks):




This form is for pastors whose CHURCHES have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.


Please do your part and help COGIC Charities help others TODAY!

You may send checks, payable to “COGIC Charities Disaster Relief Fund”, and mail to:

COGIC Charities:

PO Box 38
Memphis, TN 38101

Your financial gift will extend further than you’ll ever know to help relieve the victims of such incredibly devastating disasters. 

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September 15-17, 2017 

Friday – Sunday

Beginning on Monday, September 18, 2017, (1-3) Semi-Tractor Trucks will depart from each of the Regional Collection Centers, in route to the COGIC Super Resource Center in Houston, Texas. The COGIC Ground Zero Task Force, lead by our World Missions Department, will be at the Resource Center prepared to unload the semi trucks. The Task Force will then from the Super Resource Center load and dispatch smaller trucks for a rapid ground response, distributing resources to Houston and the impacted Gulf Areas.



Birmingham, Alabama

O. L. Meadows Cathedral

5298 Bessemer Superhighway

Brighton, Alabama 35020

Phone: 205-462-5054

Montgomery, Alabama

New Life COGIC Annex 2

5000 Patterson Road

Montgomery, Alabama 36116

Phone: 334-558-0258


Little Rock, Arkansas

Holy Temple Cathedral COGIC

1322 Pulaski Street (Daisy Bates Drive)

Little Rock, Arkansas


Antioch, California

Grace Temple Church of God in Christ

1001 Fitzuren Road

Antioch, CA  94509

Pastor Henry Kelly

Phone: 925-779-1491

Fresno, California

Saints Community Church of God in Christ

3740 E Ashlan

Supt. Bruce McAlister

Fresno, CA 93726

Phone: 559-227-9819

Hayward, California

Glad Tidings Church Of God In Christ

1027 W. Tennyson Road

Hayward, California 94544

Phone: 510-783-9377

Los Angeles, California 

West Angeles Church Of God In Christ

3600 Crenshaw Blvd.

Los Angeles, California 90016

Phone: 323-733-8300

Oakland, California

Acts Full Gospel Church Of God In Christ

1034 66th Ave.

Oakland, California 94621

Phone: 844-429-2342

 Palo Alto, California

Grace Temple Church of God in Christ

1970 Clarke Avenue

East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Bishop Leo Smith

Phone: 408-505-2599

Sacramento, California

Williams Memorial Church of God in Christ

4495 Martin Luther King Blvd

Sacramento, CA 92580

Pastor Larry Meeks

Phone: 916-453-9033

San Diego, California

Stephens Church Of God In Christ

5825 Imperial Ave

San Diego, California 92114

Stockton, California

Greater Fellowship COGIC

1937 East 8th Street

Stockton, CA  95206

Pastor Darrel Smith

Phone: 209-688-8656


Chicago, Illinois  

Ashley’s Quality Care, Inc.

610 West Root Street (41st and Wallace Streets)

Chicago, Illinois 60609

Phone: 312-678-5730

Washington Park, Illinois  

Mt. Calvary COGIC

1420 North 49th Street

Washington Park, Illinois 62204

Phone: 618-593-8934


Indianapolis, Indiana   

Freedom Temple Church Of God In Christ

2101 E. Brookside

Indianapolis, Indiana 46218

Phone: 317-638-7446


Springfield, Massachusetts

Fresh Anointing Church Of God in Christ

961 St. James Ave.

Springfield, Massachusetts 01109

Phone: 413-221-2647


 Benton Harbor, Michigan

Community Church of God in Christ

870 Nate Wells Dr.

Benton Harbor, Michigan

 Detroit, Michigan

Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church Of God In Christ

19190 Schafer Highway

Detroit, Michigan 48235

Detroit, Michigan

 New St. Paul Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ

15340 Southfield Freeway (Bishop P. A. Brooks Drive)

Detroit, Michigan 48223

Flint, Michigan

Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ

6031 DuPont St.

Flint, MI 48505

Administrative Assistant Christopher E. Martin, Pastor

Phone: 810-458-7718

Muskegon, Michigan

Holy Trinity Church of God in Christ

2240 Valley Street

Muskegon,  Michigan 49441


 Clarksdale, Mississippi  

Mississippi Delta Council

1536 Desoto Avenue

Clarksdale, Mississippi 38614

Contact Person: Donald Green
Phone: 662-902-1373
*Call before drop off

 Lexington, Mississippi  

Saints Academy/COGIC, INC
B. S. Lyles Building

16979 Highway 17 South

Lexington, Mississippi 39095

Contact Person: Elder Clint Cobbins
Phone: 601-502-7808


Kansas City, Missouri  

Barker Memorial Church of God in Christ

11401 E. 47th Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64133

Phone: 816-737-1740

Pine Lawn, Missouri  

Miracle Temple Complex Church of God in Christ

4101 Jennings Station Road

Pine Lawn, Missouri 63121

Superintendent T J Rodgers, 314-443-4773

Elder Johnathan Rodgers, 314-323-3470

 St Louis, Missouri  

El Bethel Church of God in Christ

4020 Page Boulevard

St Louis, Missouri 63113

Missionary Barbara Hooks, 314-753-7942

Minister Samuel Watts, 314-240-6600

 St Louis, Missouri  

New Life Community Church of God in Christ

1570 Chambers Road

St Louis, Missouri 63136

Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Smith, 314-393-5199

 St Louis, Missouri  

Shiloh Temple COGIC

4100 Washington Boulevard

St Louis, Missouri, 63108

Missionary Angela Sanders, 314-713-3760

 St Louis, Missouri  

The Empowered Church COGIC

Lady J. B.House

12220 Fontaine Lane

St Louis, Missouri 63138

Evangelist Solar Gordon

314-653-1783 or 314-355-3444

Mark Carter, 314-496-5084

 St Louis, Missouri  

Williams Temple Church of God in Christ

1500 Union Blvd

St Louis, Missouri 63113

Elder Lawrence Wooten, Jr., 314-368-9696

Mark Carter, 314-496-5084


Freeport, New York

Zion Cathedral Church Of God In Christ

312 Grand Ave.

Freeport, New York 11520


Raleigh, North Carolina    

Abundant Life Christian Center Church Of God In Christ

4400 Old Poole Rd.

Raleigh, North Carolina 27610

Phone: 919-231-1197


 Trotwood, Ohio

Gateway Church of God in Christ

5501 Olive Rd.

Trotwood, OH 45426

Elder Norman J. Scearce III, Pastor

Phone: 937-479-4404


 Philadelphia, PA  

Mount Airy Church of God in Christ

6401 Ogontz Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19126


Dr. J. Louis Felton – Senior Pastor/Servant Leader

Elder Olen Jones – Facilitator


 Memphis, Tennessee

Mason Temple (National Headquarters)

930 Mason Street

Memphis, Tennessee 38126


 Dallas, Texas

Saintsville Church Of God In Christ

2200 S. Marsalis Ave

Dallas, TX   75216

Phone: 214-375-4105

 Dallas, Texas

Strong Arm’s Church of God in Christ

135 Pemberton Hill Rd

Dallas, TX  75217

Bishop Nathaniel Wells, 214-398-9030

Michael Jackson, 214-710-0609

Fort Worth, Texas

Greater Love Chapel COGIC

1149 E. Rosedale

Fort Worth, TX


Irving, Texas

West Irving COGIC

4021 Conflans Road

Irving, TX 75061

(972) 790-8036


Hampton, Virginia   

Greater Emmanuel Temple COGIC

1225 North King St.

Hampton, Virginia 23669

Phone: 757-265-9482

Portsmouth, Virginia   

New Community Temple Church Of God In Christ

3615 Tyreneck  (Bishop Ted G. Thomas Way)

Portsmouth, Virginia 23703

Phone: 757-484-8903


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Greater Mt. Sinai COGIC

5384 N 60th Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218

Phone: 414-463-5035

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Holy Cathedral Sinai COGIC

2677 N 40th Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53210

Phone: 414-447-1967

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Holy Redeemer Institutional COGIC

3500 W. Mother Daniels Way

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209

Phone: 414-466-1800

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Peter’s Rock COGIC

1135 West Keefe Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206

Phone: 414-553-5199

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Little Community COGIC

2025 W. Hampton Ave.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53200

Phone: 414-444-89-80

Or Call Toll Free

888 880-1040

In the unlikely event that funds raised exceed the resource allocations for Hurricane Harvey relief, the remaining funds will be used to provide resources for future tragedies.