Bishop Dwight Green

Jurisdictional Prelate: Grace 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia


Bishop Dwight L. Green, Sr. is a third-generation member of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.  Bishop Green established and is now the Prelate of Grace 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia which was approved by the General Assembly in November 2018 Holy Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri. He also serves as Jurisdictional Prelate of the Republic of South Korea, appointed and consecrated in 2003 by Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson. He is a member of the Church of God in Christ Board of Bishops and serves on the Executive Board. He functions as the newly appointed Treasurer of the Board of Bishops, the Financial Secretary and Secretary of the Budget Committee under the leadership of Bishop John H. Sheard. As Jurisdictional Bishop in a foreign country, Bishop Green has built and/or established churches in several major cities throughout the country of South Korea.

In 1972 Bishop Green was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Church of God in Christ National Music Department under the leadership of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and served as President of Virginia Second Jurisdiction Music Department.  From 1976 to 1988 he served as Program Director for the Church of God in Christ National Television Radio Commission. During those years, he worked with United National Auxiliaries Convention and Auxiliaries In Ministry as radio host for the convention broadcast; and television announcer for the “Pentecostal Persuasion” program.

Bishop Dwight Green

His media experience as salesman, Technical Director, Program Director, and agency representative prepared him to become the General Manager responsible for building and operating WJCB, TV-49, licensed in Norfolk, Virginia. It is the first full powered, African American owned and operated independent Christian television station in America. He also served as announcer and Program Director for national television program, “Faith for Living Richer Life Ministries” sponsored by the St. Johns Church of God in Christ in Newport News, Virginia, where over the years he served as Minister of Music, Media Buyer, Outreach Ministry Director, Assistant Pastor, and Co-Pastor.

While at St. Johns where his father was pastor, he served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FFL Investment Inc. responsible for the building of 21 single family luxury homes in Hampton, Virginia; loan officer of St. Johns Federal Credit Union; Vice President of FFL Health-Care Inc. (an Assisted Living business in Newport News, Va.) and General Manager of Workman’s Delight Family Restaurant operated by the church. He served as political liaison for St. Johns Church of God in Christ and the Second Jurisdiction, Virginia Church of God in Christ.

As an advisor to Bishop Samuel L. Green, he created a United State Auxiliaries Convention (USAC) concept in Virginia that has been used across the country that revolutionized youth ministry for the Church. Serving in the administration of Presiding Bishop C. D. Owens he chaired the Commission to establish Institutional Tithing for the National Church. He modified the program which now is being used in the Republic of South Korea, Second Jurisdiction, Virginia and other jurisdictions across America.

In 1988 Bishop Green was elected to the National Board of Trustees of Church of God in Christ. After demonstrating his administrative skills, in 1995 he was elected Chairman of the National Board of Trustee by his peers and served five years. Bishop Green continued to be elected by the National Church General Assembly and served as a National Trustee for twenty-four years. He retired to run for General Board in 2012. In 1997 Presiding Bishop Owens selected Bishop Green to be Chairman and CEO of Pontotoc LLC. He was responsible to build and managed an 81unit affordable living townhouse project in Memphis, Tennessee. He also served in the National Evangelism Department with Superintendent Battles and Mission Department with Bishop Carlis Moody.

Bishop Green’s education includes undergraduate studies in History and Sociology at Norfolk State University. He studied media marketing and sales at Regent University; and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Norfolk College and Seminary. He has attended the Billy Graham School of Evangelism and Bill Gartha’s School of Basic Youth Conflict.

He is a member of NAACP, former PTA President, Tucker Capps Middle School, Hampton, Virginia; former member of North American Charismatic Renewal of the Christian Church; former Vice President of Black National Religious Broadcasters and National Religious Broadcasters; Chairman and Vice Chairman of Southwest Virginia Ministerial Fellowship; Vice President, COGIC High-rise for the Elderly in Norfolk, Virginia; Vice President FFL Richer Life Health-Care Inc. (Assisted Living Facility) Newport News, Virginia; and Executive Director Southwestern Virginia Compassion Network; Chairman of the Bishop Samuel L. and Dr. Vivian F. Green Charity; and Founder of Vision Developers. He has been honored by Roanoke, Virginia Urban League as Pastor of the Year; received Recognition Award from South Africa Tourism Commission while visiting President of South Africa DeClerke and presented the key to the city of Roanoke, Virginia by its mayor in 2003.

He is married to W. Diane Walker-Green and they have four children and six grandchildren. He is the son of Bishop Samuel L. and Dr. Vivian F. Green.