AIM 2014: Scholastic Motivation Ministries

Scholastic Motivation Ministries

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop

Superintendent David Todd Whittley, National Executive Director


Scholastic Motivation Ministries (SMM) was birthed out of a desire to equip the youth of the Church of God in Christ with the necessary tools to meet educational and societal needs. The concept originated with Bishop Roy L. H. Winbush of Louisiana and was further developed and expanded under the leadership of Superintendent Michael Eaddy. During his tenure, Superintendent Eaddy led SMM from almost obscurity to a recognized entity in the Church of God in Christ. Upon the election of Superintendent Eaddy to Vice Chairman of the Pastors & Elder Council, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake appointed Superintendent David Todd Whittley to serve as the new Executive Director for Scholastic Motivation Ministries (April 2012). Since the appointment, Superintendent David Todd Whittley has taken SMM to new levels with new ministries, initiatives, staff and partnerships.

Scholastic Motivation Ministries functions to promote academic, personal, social, and leadership excellence among COGIC youth students. SMM projects the ideas and positive influences of the Church of God in Christ, and encourages youth to strive for their best in every area of their life. SMM is rooted in the firm foundation that today’s generation can succeed in classrooms, boardrooms, and other professions without compromising their heritage or integrity.   

Scholastic Motivation Ministries has a strong presence in jurisdictions across the country and annually during the Auxiliaries in Ministries Convention, where Superintendent Linwood Dillard is the National AIM Convention Chairman. During AIM 2014, SMM will coordinate 20 different ministries and events, where COGIC students will participate, receive special recognition and be awarded competition trophies (individual and groups). Highlights this year will be the College Fair and Networking Opportunity, Robotics Ministry, Computer & Creative Writing Competition and the “Smart Money Matters” Financial District Program.

While in Kansas City during AIM 2014, visit the SMM Village @ the Marriot Hotel (2nd & 3rd Floor Meeting Rooms). We look to see you there!!!!

For more information on Scholastic Motivation Ministries (SMM), please visit the SMM webpage @ or email us directly at [email protected].

Superintendent David Todd Whittley, National Director

Chicago, IL

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