Who We Serve

The Church of God in Christ, Inc. Local Church Staff Development will focus on establishing this organization throughout the National Church by way of Jurisdictions. Our targeted audience will be Administrators, Executives and Secretaries from various levels (i.e. local, district and jurisdiction). The overall goal is for this ministry to expand and grow effective Administrators throughout all regions of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

International Level

To fulfill the God-given vision of the Presiding Bishop to coordinate the efforts of all Administrators and Secretaries of the Church Of God In Christ. To serve as a resource center for administrators/secretaries of local churches, districts and jurisdictions around the world, in the area of administration. To properly train all administrators and secretaries at all levels of the church.

Jurisdictional Level

For every jurisdiction in the Church of God In Christ to have a trained, equipped and effective Administrative staff. And, for the jurisdictional department to serve as an immediate resource. To recruit, train and lead workers in effective, consistent methods of administration. For every jurisdictional representative to be involved and support the regional and international levels of the department.

Local Level

For all 12,000 plus congregations in the Church Of God In Christ to have a trained, equipped, consistently functioning and effective Department of Administration; leading to growth and development of all stakeholders involved.

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