Are you a Christian business owner with a great business idea but in need of investment to take your business to the next level? Or, are you a Christian aspiring entrepreneur with a GREAT business concept but could use some business coaching and financial investment to move your idea into implementation stage? We invite you to join us during the 2018 AIM Convention to be a part of the Kingdom Entrepreneurs Yielding Success Initiative (KEYS).

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, although small businesses are the fastest growing businesses in the U.S., many of these businesses fail to survive past the 5th year of operations. With KEYS, we will change that statistic.

What is KEYS?

KEYS is designed to establish a supportive network system for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs through

- Intensive business boot camp training
- Technical assistance AND
- Access to capital to grow and/or expand their business (funding varies and ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 per project awarded)

KEYS is for the serious entrepreneur, someone with the right skill, passion, and foresight to own and operate a viable business entity.

What is required to participate in KEYS?

1. Attend AIM 2018
2. Business owner must be a professed Christian
3. Can be a New or Aspiring Business within 3 years of operation
4. Must have a viable business concept with a business plan
5. Business Owner must have limited access to traditional funding streams
6. Must be willing to accept business mentoring/coaching offered by the program

How Do I Sign Up To Participate?

There are two programs offered during the AIM 2018 Conference. First a One Day Workshop that is open to everyone, and secondly the KEYS Boot Camp which is by invitation only. For more information on each program read the descriptions below.

One Day Workshop

This session will be held one day only, held on Tuesday July 3, and is open to all AIM registrants.

Attendees will gain an overview of entrepreneurship and learn business best practices from business owners and senior business executives (Investment Team). Representatives from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will facilitate a discussion on the role of the SBA and how small businesses can take advantage of its service offerings to grow and expand.

The session will close with a free form Q&A where the Investment Team and the SBA will take questions from participants.

KEYS Boot Camp

The KEYS Boot Camp will include 2-full days of intense business training delivered by subject matter experts with experience as Sr. Corporate Executives, Business Owners, and Business Leaders.

Topics will include: Business Structure and Operations, Governance, Leadership and Staffing, Facility Operations, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Network and Utilization, Marketing and Social Media, Partnership and Alliances, and Competition.

At the end of the training, each business owner will be given time to pitch a business proposal/request for investment/financial support.

To submit your application to be considered for the K.E.Y.S. Boot Camp ; Click Here To Begin Your Application

Still Have Questions?

You can send us an email at  [email protected] or you can contact one of our team members by phone:

Bishop Eric L. Butler                                   Evangelist Karen Watson
402-399-9628                                                402-991-7600