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The Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM) Convention, the annual summer convention of the Church of God In Christ, Inc., is geared toward spiritual enrichment, training, education and fellowship. The goal of AIM is effectiveness in ministry. The Convention, a family involvement experience, brings together five auxiliaries of the Church: Music and Youth, Missions and Evangelism and Sunday School, as they share three conventions in one setting.

Bishop Linwood Dillard and the AIM Department heads are proud to announce some of our dynamic, anointed, and powerful speakers for this year’s AIM Convention.

These speakers guarantee to help the people of God unlock the UNLIMITED power of God!

Department Updates


The Ministries & Special Initiatives Commission of the Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM) Convention COGIC is actively recruiting college students for the 2019 AIM Convention Internship Program. If you thrive in a dynamic, rapidly evolving and demanding environment you will be an excellent fit for our team.

AIM 2019


This program requires personality, motivation, maturity, love for the church, and in good standing with the church. If that's you apply today.

Or send an email to [email protected]

To apply click here

AIM 2019


COGIC Achievers Award is a prestigious recognition program for young adults between the ages of 25-40 who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their local communities, their church, through academia and their careers. Nominees should exhibit excellence in at least three of these four categories. (Church, Academia Careers)


Young Women of Excellence

First or maybe second time at an AIM Convention

Not all conventions are alike. Some are massive events where thousands of people descend on enormous convention centers for day after day of constant activity. Others are tiny, laid-back affairs where you can see and do everything over the course of a few hours. AIM is one of those massive events.It’s important that you are prepared for AIM before you get there.  Read More …

Things you should ... before coming to AIM

Is this your first AIM Convention? We are excited you will be joining us! We know your first convention can seem a bit overwhelming so we have prepared a list of suggestions just for you.  As a first time attendee we want you to be comfortable, effective, and successful; you will be amazed at the size of this Convention.  Read More …

Top Five Reasons to Attend the AIM Convention

Someone asked me recently about which COGIC convention should they attend, since there are so many conferences during the year . I shared with them a couple of the ones I normally attend, which prompted them to ask, “If you could only choose one, which of these would you choose?” Without hesitation I said the AIM Convention. Read More …

Convention Departments & Auxiliaries

Eateries Near The Convention Center

Traditionally, Tampa may be best known for its fresh seafood and authentic Cuban dishes. However, the food scene in Tampa has been heating up in recent years producing a wave of innovative new eateries. See some of the suggested eateries near the Tampa Convention Center.

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