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From his humble beginnings in a rural town in Mississippi to leadership in the International Church of God In Christ. John Henry Sheard is a born leader, from a family of 19, born to true pioneers of the Church of God in Christ. His father, Superintendent O.S. Sheard, was a COGIC pioneer preacher himself, having pastored the very first Church of God in Christ in Lexington, MS, and later pastoring churches in Greenwood and Greenville, MS  for more than 30 years.  He also served as Administrative Assistant in the Northern Mississippi Jurisdiction.  

Bishop John H. Sheard

Bishop John H. SheardBishop John H. Sheard, although destined to follow in his father’s footsteps, moved to Detroit, MI at a very early age.  He never lost his desire to serve, and while under the direct tutelage of the Bishop John Seth Bailey, National General Board Member, Bishop Sheard, moved up through the ranks of the church.  He was ordained and Elder and placed as pastor of the Mitchell Street COGIC in January of 1982.  After displaying great leadership skills, he moved the constantly growing membership to a larger and more comfortable location. His congregation continued to grow and moved again to its present location called the Greater Mitchell Temple COGIC in Detroit, MI.

Over the years God continued to elevate him to District Superintendent, Jurisdictional President of the Youth Department, and even to the Jurisdiction’s prestigious Executive Board.  He continued to serve as he had been trained, and at the demise of Bishop W.L. Harris, he was consecrated Bishop of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Michigan Southwest by the General Board of the Church of God In Christ, with Bishop L.H. Ford as Presiding Bishop.

Bishop Sheard has now presided over this Jurisdiction for the past 17 years and during this time the Jurisdiction has made tremendous strides.

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Click here for detailsNotably, Bailey Cathedral, Jurisdictional Headquarters of the Jurisdiction, is one of the largest historical church buildings in the City of Detroit.  Bishop John Seth Bailey, founder of the Michigan Jurisdiction, purchased the building in 1972 and designated it as the Jurisdictional Headquarters for Southwestern Michigan Churches of God in Christ.  Bishop Sheard inherited the building which was sorely in need of repair.  The estimates seemed to exceeded the value of the property, however, the under the brilliant leadership of Bishop Sheard the Jurisdiction was directed into financial solvency, at which time this great constructional task came to fruition.  Recently, Bailey Cathedral has undergone extensive renovations reaching just over $450,000.00.  Bishop Sheard has shown his commitment to preserving the heritage of the Church and the Jurisdiction. 

Bailey Cathedral has now been gloriously restored including several new additions and it now boasts of cushioned pews, theater lighting, a state-of-the-art sound system, new flooring and carpeting, new kitchen w/appliances, new restrooms, remodeled office space, a carpeted dining area and much more. Bishop Sheard has made this building a gem to the Jurisdiction, the National Church and the City of Detroit.

Bishop Sheard’s notoriety as a man of integrity and great leadership has traveled throughout the country. His piers have twice elected him overwhelmingly as the Chairman of the Board of Bishops for the Church of God In Christ, Inc.  He humbly chairs this board of some 200 COGIC Bishops worldwide.  More recently, Bishop Sheard was honored by the Ohio Southern Christian Leadership Conference as “Bishop of the Year for 2009”.

When Bishop Sheard came to Detroit, as a 17 year old Mississippian, with high hopes, and the hand of God on his life he was determined to overcome every obstacles.  And now he continues to serve as God’s choice for the leadership of our Church.  He is quite an example.  After having been married for more than 53 years to the Mother Willie Mae Sheard, he also has two sons in ministry, Superintendent J. Drew Sheard, International Chairman of the AIM Convention for the Church Of God In Christ, Inc., and Pastor of the Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC in Detroit; and the Elder Ethan B. Sheard, Youth President, 1st Jurisdiction MI-Southwest, and Associate Minister at Greater Mitchell Temple COGIC.  Bishop Sheard has also obtained three degrees from Wayne State University and retired after teaching in the Detroit Public Schools for more than 20 years.


Bishops’ Conference Committee

Bishop William H. Watson, Conference Chairman

Email: [email protected] 

Bishop T. T. Scott, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop Ernest Morris, Co-Vice Chairman

Ph: 215.276.2960

 Bishop Albert Galbraith, Jr., Registrar

Email: [email protected]

 Bishop Larry L. Shaw, Secretary

Email: [email protected]


Credentials Committee

Bishop Benjamin P. Collins, Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop E. Bobby Warren, Vice-Chairman

Ph: 219.887.0544


Doctrinal Committee

Bishop L.F. Thuston, Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop Joseph C. Gilkey, Sr., Vice-Chairman

Ph: 316.687.6617


Finance Committee

Bishop W. H. Bonner, Chairman

Ph: 630.808.9844

Bishop Albert Galbraith Jr., Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Budgeting Committee

Bishop Ocie Booker, Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop William T. Cahoon, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Historical Committee

Bishop James C. Austin, Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop O.L. Meadows, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Chaplains Corp Committee

Bishop Carruth Hall, Chairman

Ph: 702.648.4230

Bishop Phillip H. Porter, Jr., Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Policy, Procedures & Ethics Committee

Bishop Aubrey Baker, Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop T.T. Scott, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Judiciary Committee

Bishop J. Edward Lee, Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Political Action Committee

Bishop Charles W. Green, Sr., Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop Rufus Kyles, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Protocal & Vestment Committee

Bishop Joseph C. Gilkey, Sr., Chairman

Ph: 316.687.6617

Bishop William Scott, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Recognition & Awards Committee

Bishop Glenwood H. Young, Chairman

email: [email protected]

Bishop Marvin C. Pryor, Vice-Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Resolution Committee

Bishop Robert R. Sanders, Chairman

Ph: 708.757.5080


National Prison Committee

Bishop Lorenzo L. Kelly, Director

Email: [email protected]


Board of Directors – All Saints Bible College

Bishop Malcolm W. Coby, Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Writers Committee

Bishop James R. Wright, Chairman

Email: [email protected]

Bishop Howard E. Quillen, Vice-Chairman

Ph: 504.735.6292


Pioneers & Senior Mentoring Committee

Bishop D. A. Burton, Co-Chairman

Ph: 215.225.1967


Sergeant-At-Arms Committee

Bishop Harold Benjamin, Chairman
Email: [email protected]


Episcopal Adjutant Committee

Bishop Felton M. Smith, Jr., Chairman

Email: [email protected]


Parliamentary Procedures Committee

Bishop C.L. Bryant, Co-Chairman
Ph: 817.498.5412

Bishop Paul Fortson, Sr. Vice-Chairman
Email: [email protected]


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