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Bishop Matthew Williams was born March of 1956 in Lakeland, Florida. He is the son of the late elder Matthew Williams, Sr. and the late Mother Louise Williams.

Bishop Williams graduated from Brandon High School in 1974 and attended Hillsborough Community College to refine his musical skill. In 1975, he started his career with Busch Gardens and remained there until he became a full time pastor in 1987.

Bishop Williams accepted Christ as his personal Savior in 1973, at the age of 17. He began working in Brown Memorial Church of God in Christ as a Deacon in Training in 1975 and in 1976 he was ordained a Deacon in this church.

In 1980 Bishop Williams acknowledged his call to the ministry and in 1982 he became a Licensed Minister. He was ordained an Elder in February of 1984 by the late Bishop W. E. Davis.

March 26, 1985 Bishop Williams was appointed Pastor of Brown Temple Church of God in Christ. In March of 1996 Elder Williams and the congregation marched into a newly built edifice. In honor of its founder, Bishop Williams changed the name of the church to Brown Memorial Church of God in Christ.

Bishop Williams has held many positions. Among them was: Second Administrative Assistant to the late Bishop W. E. Davis, Assistant Superintendent of the Pinellas District, Superintendent of the Greater Love/Suncoast District, National Adjutant, and Overseer Adjutant.

Bishop Williams was consecrated and installed to the sacred office of Bishop of the Jurisdiction of Southwestern Florida on February 24, 1998. Since his installment, Bishop Williams has served as Chairman of the Dress Code Committee, Protocol Committee, and Election Committee for the Board of Bishops. He has also served as Adjutant Bishop and Episcopal Coordinator of the Board of Bishops. In January 2005 Bishop Williams was appointed Adjutant General of the Church of God in Christ.

Bishop Matthew Williams has been married to Gayle (Dixon) Williams since 1976. They have

Mother Geraldine Miller, Adjutant Mother
Pastor Robert G. Rudolph, Jr., Scribe
Pastor Byron Stevenson, Chief Financial Officer
Supt. Milton Hawkins, Overseer for General Board Chambers
Pastor Guy Glimp, Dean of the Academy


6 Responses to Our Leader

  • mark myers says:

    who is the contact person at the adjutancy for a new fundraising program?

  • Sef says:

    Is there a manual (print or purchase) on COGIC protocol, adjutancy etc? If so where may I find this incredibly valuable resource.

  • Elder Joshua Washington McGregor says:

    I am a national adjutant and in the process of me moving. I lost my copy of my book. I was wondering how can I get a copy of the adjutant hand book please let me know ASAP. 

  • Kenneth Washington says:

    What is the official dress code for a Elder (A class and B class, collar height)?

  • pastor stanley may says:

    i would like to know if there is a manuel that explains our cords as well as our vestments and clerical where.


  • Dear Adjutant General Bishop Matthew Williams

    I am the Bishop's Wife (Mother Delores Williams) of Wisconsin Third Jurisdiction. I would like to know information for procedure in the event of the demise of a State Supervisor.  I don't know whether my question should be directed to you or Mother Geraldine Miller, the Adjutant Mother.  Please advise thank you for your immediate attention.  Lady Delores Williams

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