The National Adjutancy is a team of people who are united and organized to help make ministry work. Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to: preparation for the consecration and installation of new bishops, the dignified execution of homegoing celebrations for deceased leaders, assisting the Presiding Bishop in the orderly conduction of national ceremonial occasions as well as performing any other duty that the Presiding Bishop may assign.

The Church of God in Christ has made choice of the military terms “Adjutant” or “Adjutancy” to describe this ministry. It is important that the Adjutant and all others know and understand that the Adjutancy is the property of the Presiding Bishop. We exist to carry out his wishes.
Historically, the Presiding Bishop and General Board of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. have charged the National Adjutancy Corps with the sacred task of standardizing the fundamentals of our ceremonial, liturgical and protocol traditions. The Adjutancy Corps was established as the mechanism through which these essential traditions could be preserved and enacted. The essence of this servant ministry in the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. is long-standing; however, the Corps has been under formal organization and appointed leadership since 1976, under the administration and direction of the first elected Presiding Bishop, his grace, the Honorable Bishop James Oglethorp Patterson, Sr.

Bishop Phillip Aquilla Brooks of Detroit, Michigan, was appointed as the first “Chief Adjutant” of the National Adjutancy in 1976. He served until 1981, and was succeeded by Bishop Floyd Eugene Perry of Cleveland, Ohio. Bishop Perry served in 1988. Dr. J. Delano Ellis of Memphis, Tennessee succeeded Bishop Perry. In 1989, Bishop Harold Jenkins Bell of Nashville, Tennessee succeeded Dr. Ellis. Bishop Bell served well from 1989 until his elevation to the General Board in 2000; it was under the leadership of Bishop Bell that he commissioned the preparation and publication of the first OfficiaHandbook of the National Adjutancy Corps. Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood carried the mantle of excellence in service from 2000 until 2005. It was in 2005 that the Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson made choice of Bishop Matthew Williams of Tampa, FL to carry the legacy further.

The primary original task of the Adjutancy was the organizing and coordinating of National communions, inaugurations, installations of new bishops and national officers. The Adjutancy now serves in any setting where the Presiding Bishop is serving.


  1. I would like to buy a National Adjutancy Garment Bag I would like for someone to email me with the price and how I can pay for it Thanks so much

  2. Hi 

    I was trying to see the classes for Adjutancy Acadamey for Nov 2016. I would like to see if I can get a schedule, so I can make plans to attend.

    Thank you very much

  3. Hello C.O.G.I.C. National Adjutancy ministry.  I am in need of a favor and that is may I ask Bishop Matthew Williams, the Adjutant General, to contact me please?


    Bishop Cleo Wynn, Sr.

  4. I am registered for the summer class in Tampa, however i do not see any type of schedule for the class. Can you please give me directions on where to obtain the class schedule?  Thank you and God bless.

  5. I see no mention of the deaths of Bishop Floyd E. Perry of Cleveland,Ohio or of Bishop Joseph R.Willis of Sacramento ,Ca .Both GREAT men of God and servants of the COGIC .

    • Hello Elder Williams.  Information about the homegoing of Bishop Perry IS listed on the website.  We have not received information for Bishop Willis.

  6. what process must one take to become a national adjutant and is this the only way it will lead to it's completion,the person is already a jurisdictional adjutant, (male and female,) also what is the process to become a adjutant overseer as well. Is this info. in the national adjutantcy manual.I would just like to know if these offices are filled only by the recommendation of the jurisdictional bishop


  7. I want to know where can I purchase a national adjuant patch for my Tippet,please contact me,God Bless

  8. How do i get information on attending the Adjutancy training. Can anyone attend, are there certain requirements. Also when do they have training. These are some of the questions i have if someone can get back to me i would appreciate it.

    • I’m definitely interested in becoming an adjectiveat your earliest convenience can someone get back to me thank you very much have a great and blessed day

  9. Where and when will the Adjutancy training start for the Holy Convocation 2013? Also where do we check in at?

  10. Dear national Adjutancy,

    i am a minister, not an ordained elder. can i become a national adjutant. what are the qualifications of being a national adjutant. Does the minister weara vestment. I was to look into being a adjutant levite because im not ordained. what is a adjutant levite.

  11. Greetings,

    When you click the link to download or print the registration forms the page that appears is blank.  This has happened serveral times.  Is there another way of obtaining the registration forms?

    • Hello Jason, AIM registration has been open since January 2013.  If you are referring to Adjutancy Academy registration during the AIM Convention, it opened on Friday.  Just click on the REGISTER button at the top.

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