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The Passing of Bishop D. A. Burton

March 14, 2013

Dear Saints,

This correspondence is being sent at the request of the Adjutant General, Bishop Matthew Williams.

bishop-daburtonIt is with great regret that I inform you of the passing of Bishop D. A. Burton, a past member of the General Board, a past General Secretary and currently the Prelate of the Eastern Pennsylvania Jurisdiction.

The Burton Family and the jurisdiction are in need of our fervent prayers.  Homegoing information can be found here.  As the information is given to the adjutancy, we will forward it to you as soon as possible.     

If I can be of further assistance, you can reach me by calling my office at (501) 332-6897.

In His Service,

Robert G. Rudolph, Jr.
Scribe of the National Adjutancy

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