The Home going Services for Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr.

October 15, 2012

Dear Saints:

It is with great regret that I inform you of the passing of Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr., Director of the Church Growth and Development for the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. and Prelate of the North Carolina Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.  He will be sorely missed, but we find comfort in knowing that earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

The Lockett Family and the jurisdiction are in need of our fervent prayers.  Click here for final arrangements.  As the information is given to the adjutancy, we will forward it to you as soon as possible.     

If I can be of further assistance, please call my office at 501.332.6897.   

In His Service,

Superintendent Robert G. Rudolph, Jr.
Scribe of the National Adjutancy

25 Responses to The Home going Services for Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr.

  • god bless the lockett family and wife 

  • Sis. Clara Corbett of Richmond, VA says:

    To First Lady, Barbara Lockett, Faith, Joshua and Otis Lockett Jr.and "my" Evangel Family,

    I can't even begin to express the magnitude and impact of this lost.  I was just returning from my mother's homegoing in NYC,  when my sister asked me, had I heard from anybody from NC.  I told her "no, but while I was rushing out to catch my train,  I got a call from Greensboro but I kept going.   She replied, "Sis. Clara, they have been trying to reach you.  They said your pastor passed.  I replied "What did you say?"  she repeated " Your pastor passed."  I just lost it.  She began to pull over to the side of the road.    The last time I spoke with Pastor Lockett, I asked about Mother George, Mother Turner and Mother Johnson.   He said,  "Sis. Clara, you need to come home and see them" —with love, concern and compassion, ALWAYS!!   Truly. he was my spiritual father!

    I always tell my friends and family, he has the heart, eyes and spirit of an eagle!!  With ALL the members and others there,  he always treated me just like I was loved.   He radically changed my life, for the greater.  There is no one and no where,  that I have found a more giving and truly concerned shepherd for his sheep!!

    I'm so glad, so glad I wrote his notes in a hard-covered binder BUT what he imparted into my heart and life, I'll

    treasure. FOREVER!!!   Thru each and every one of "us", Pastor Lockett's legacy will go on~~~!!!

    May God's strength, covering, peace. Word, and blessings abide with you!!  ALL


    Deeply and Gratefully Yours,


    Sis. Clara M. Corbett. Richmond, VA.





  • Diane M. Thomas says:

    To the First Lady Barbara Lockett Dr. Faith, Otis Jr. Joshua and other family members. I joined Evangel in 1997 on March 30th on Easter Sunday. I had been in church since the age of 8 years old. I was in a church for 34 years. In six months Bishop Otis Lockett taught me more than I had  learned in The Word for  34 years, still learing and in love with the words of God because of your son, brother, cousin, husband, son-ln-law and father.  I met him on a one to one meeting in that May. In this short time I had my feelings hurt by three members of the church. :((  I  talk to Pastor Lockett, at that time and he was easy for me to talk with. I shared a few things with him asked a lot of Questions!  In the in of our metting I shared with him about getting my feelings hurt. Pastor ask me to give him a year of his teaching and he ask me to be a Big Girl to approach these members, ask for a hug.  I obeyed him, this was not easy for me, and  the three member looked at me like I was crazy. :))  It was almost 16 years ago, I am still here! Bishop Lockett help me change my life, I learn to  forgive those who hurt my feelings because these things will happen. Jesus was hurt a lot more than I!   It is because He lives I can face tomorrow and because of Bidhop Lockett I will keep the faith, trust in the Lord that one day I will see Bishop Lockett again with that smile that I will keep on my mind and in my heart. There will come times that  I will feel hurt, because Bishop is not  here on Earth. He is in the  arms of  our Father God. So I say to the Lockett family, each time that you are missing him, Stop and think, he want you to know that he is still with you in the Spirit and he is saying, Life goes on!  I am blessed to be in the Evangel Family.                                                                                                                                                                    I love you,                                                                                                                                                                                      Lady Di. :))   

  • Charles D. Clark says:

    I'm so hurt to hear the loss of Bishop Otis Lockett. I joined Evangel in 1999 with a great big welcome from Bishop Lockett. He took me under his spiritual wing and told me I had a calling for a special ministry. In conclusion I would like to say hat I will pray for the strength and comfort of the Lockett family. To the first lady and children, your husband/father changed my life and actually saved it. God Bless

  • Evangelist Kimberly Rouse Moore and Family says:

    It is with my deepest sympathy to you First Lady Lockett, children and the entire Evangel Fellowship Church Family to here of the passing of my "father in the gospel".  I appreciate the wonderful teachings of your ministry. I will never forget where I first received my spiritual training.  As the days go by, just know that I along with many, many others will be  praying for you and yours.  I love you and may heaven ever smile upon you.





  • Mary Stevens and The HVPA, Inc. says:

    To the family, may God keep all of you in His arms. Bro. Pastor saw something special with the Heavenly Voices and gave us a plateform to worship and for that I have always been greatful. Thank God the dream is still alive. I love you dearly and pray for the day that we all shall meet again. Hugs and kisses to each of you.

  • Kenya T Henderson says:

    It is hard to beleive that Dr. Lockett is no longer here on earth. It is without question that he positively impacted those who were privileged to come into contact with him. Bishop Lockett taught me that there is no possible problem without a possible solution. I refer to this quote in all aspects of my life. I pray that God will send forth His angels to comfort and protect the Lockett and Evangel Fellowship family.

  • Patrick Brown says:

    I only followed Bishop Locket via internet but it felt good to know that our church had a man of his caliber serving. Another giant has fallen on earth not to participate in earthly matters but to be in the presence of the lord as one in a great cloud of witnesses. 


  • Evangelist Cynthia Little says:

    To the Lockett Family:  Nothing can be said that has not already been said and yet that is not enough to fill the void that is left in your life.  Prayer is all we have to offer.  I will continue to pray for the family, churches and remember the legacy that Bishop has left on record. Continue on in the strength of the Lord. I only hope that I too can touch lives and have a great impact in ministry.

    With much love,

    Evangelist Cynthia B. Little                                                                                                        District Missionary of the Fayetteville District                                                                                     Greater North Carolina Jursidiction


  • Brother Isaiah Thomas says:

    My prayers go out to the Lockett family, the Evangel Fellowship COGIC, and the North Carolina Second Jurisdiction during this difficult time. My aunt was a member of his church . She always told us about how he helped her grow in Christ.  I know his presence will surely be missed. 

  • Pastor Carol Burnett says:

    Dear Evangel Family, and Especially First Lady Lockett,

    All prayers went to God as expected.  We wanted Bishop Lockett completely healed from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet.  We got just what we asked for.  I know his departure saddens us, but rejoice with him in his complete healing.  Remember him in his faithful life he lead.


  • Pastor Kathy Butler says:

    To the beloved family and friends of Bishop Otis Locket; We the Holy Judah family of Atlanta, Georgia would like to express our deepest sympathy and heartfelt lost to you at this time. Bishop locket's friendship goes back to the date of Toledo Ohio, in Saint James Holiness Church of God in Christ, under the late Bishop William Morgan James. our pastor Kathy Butler were young adults in ministry. His assignment was great for this life. He did more in 58 years than some do in longer lifetimes. When God calls you home what better way to go with your assignment sheet full of the glory of God good works.IPeter 5:1-4 This was God's Elder. He shall be "And when the chief Shepherd Shell appear, you should receive a crown of glory that's faded not away… " Bishop Otis Locket shall be gremissed! Atlanta, Ga Pastor Kathy Butler

  • Min. Emma Harding says:

    To a true Man of God:

    I am sure your Father In Heaven has said well done thy good and faithful servant.  Your presence is already being missed.  Be at rest and know that God will continue to bless those that you have touched.  Praying blessings for your family.  May they find comfort in the father's arms.


  • Brenda Goodman Speed says:

    To Lady Barbara and Family & The Evangel Family,

    Our prayers are with you during this time of your challenge of sorrows. 

    God is the God of all comfort, but as your sister in the Lord we cover and strenghten your through much love and prayers. We love you!

    Pastor Gow & Lady Brenda Goodman-Speed

    Harvet Time Ministry

  • Bro. Jaron Dabney says:

    All praises to God, my deepest condolenses to the Lockett family. The loss of Apostle Otis Lockett Sr. is a great earthly loss but a awesome heavenly gain. He impacted my life in so many ways and he did it indirectely.  The bible says in Genesis 1 that God ordered that seed produce after its own kind and Apostle Lockett touched and impacted the life of Pastor Harold Cone Sr back in 1989 in Greensboro NC. God sent me to Greensboro in 2002 with high hopes of playing football in the NFL and when I injured my knee I resulted to alcohol , drugs, and was close to dropping out of school.  Apostle Lockett equipped and directed my Pastor Harold Cone Sr to mentor me back into the will of God. My faith was strengthened, I gave my life to the Lord, and began serving Him wholeheartedly. I praise God right now because if God had not sent Apostle Lockett to Greensboro with that suitcase full of books, in the "light drizzly rain", with a vision and a purpose, I would not be the man, husband, and father that I am today. Lady Lockett, I'm not sure if you'll ever read this but just in case you do, I want you to know that I am a better person today than I was 15  years ago because of your husband, he touched the life of my Pastor who then followed his order by God, and touched my life.  Words simply cannot express how grateful I am. My prayers will be with you and your family. The Lord will see you through. 


    Bro Jaron Dabney

  • elder theodore&karen rice jr. and family says:

    all though times may be at its darkest God is always at his brigthess so you may see the joy of great man.God will keep each family member in peace.

  • Supt. Melton Timmons says:

    My prayers are with the family during this most difficult time.

  • Pastor Debborrah A Boyd says:

    Praise the Lord to the Lockett Family: I  am praying you and the family along with your church strength. I know what it is to loose a great leader. Just remember God is in control in every situation. Keep looking to the hill from whence coming your help and all your help comes from the Lord. I remeber bishop when they live in ohio love him and I always will remeber him. My prayer with you and the family.


    Pastor Debborrah A Boyd

  • Apostles Douglas and Cynthia Kornegay says:

    You are in our hearts and prayers. Bishop Lockett's purpose driven life impacted the lives of so many people.  He will truly be missed here on earth, but I know in heaven there is a joyous celebration.  If we can assist you and your family in any way please contact us.


    Apostles Douglas and Cynthia Kornegay and the

    Faith Place Center of Worship

    • Supervisor Jacquelin G. Holmes says:

      We send our love and prayers to Lady Barbara Lockett,  the Lockett Family, and the Evangel Church Family. We pray that God will give you strength at this time and the days ahead. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you!

      Supervisor Jacquelin G. Holmes
      Virginia Second Jurisdiction       



  • Bishop. Alicia Peak-Patterson says:

    Well done Bishop. Your labors of love will never b forgotten. . May God continue to bless Evangel is my prayer.

  • Pastor G. L. Kenebrew says:

    Our prayers are with the family, Evangel Church and North Carolina Second Jurisdiction as well as our National Church. We have lost a genuine soldier of the Gospel.  He has inspire and empowered so many of us along the way.  He will truly be missed.

  • Elder Ronald Earl Kimbrew says:

    God grant the Evangel Church family & North Carolina Second Jurisdiction strength in this hour of bereavement. "Servant of God, well done; Thy glorious warfare's past; The battle is fought, the race is won; And Thou art crowned @ last".

  • Pastor & Mrs. Barry L. Winston says:

    To the Lockett  Family,

    Our prayers are with you and the Congregation of Evangel. Bishop Lockett was an awesome and anointed Man of God. His love for the Church and the people of God will always be admired by many. May God"s comfort be with you at this time.

    Pastor & First Lady Barry L. Winston

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